Walking out of the building routine.....Just my building?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by OptimusPrime, Oct 6, 2012.

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    Didn't pick up on it at first, being the new guy and all. But it appears routine with a lot of drivers. Basically, when you are coming into the building, and you see another driver coming in, it's the norm around here to wait on them, then walk out together and bitch about your day. I find it therapeutic.
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    Umm certainly depends on the driver. Some ill
    Certainly wait on. Others I'll run up the steps to get away or stop in the restroom on the way out to make sure they aren't waiting for me. If I get home late my wife always asks me "how long did u stick around and talk today". Of course only she can do it with the evil eye and tone that makes u feel bad just for asking a guy how their day was.
  3. Dracula

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    That driver seems kind of needy...Best steer clear of that dude. Most likely, you will meet him about 4:30 that afternoon. And you will grab 35 of his worst stops to deliver. Yes, son, this is that day you call Friday. Tell your kids you will see them on Saturday morning...Welcome to Big Brown, my brotha.
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    Misery loves company remember that.
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    Takes too long, I'm usually out of the guardshack by the time most people were hitting f5
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    My fastest pace of the day is when I head for that EXIT door, I seldom wait to walk out with anybody. If I want to listen to another driver whine, there is always time before the PCM.
  7. Dracula

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    There is a solution to this problem. Many of us call it feeders. It is that land where fat doobies no longer exist. It is that trade-in, that we in feeders try and convince ourselves that the trade-in was worth it. The job is, the smoke isn't. And as my comrade Forrest A. Gump would say, "That is all I want to say about that."

    My urine is clean, but not happy...........

    Did I say tooo much?
  8. Shifting Contents

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    Fat doobies? That's what I call our feeder drivers. You know, be because they all have "feeder belly." Is it mandatory that you gain 40 pounds to be in feeders?
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    It's the only way to fit into the 'feedah pants' as Covey would say. LOL!
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    If you want to see the dead come to life, come to our building they don't walk to there car they, they run. there thing is first out the gate wins........
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    I normally don't want to hear about other drivers days. I have it worse than most being a split driver.
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    Perhaps you should keep those tampons for yourself.
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    WOW, he we go, lol
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    I miss the good ol days! :rofl:
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    We never bitched about the job on the way out of the building. We would meet after work sometimes at the local saloon a block away. You can complain better with a slight buzz. Friday nights the wives would meet us and they would get in on the fun.
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    Sometimes the best threads started innocent.