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Hi, I woulkd like to say that I am new to this site and new at UPS I have been working as a driver for about 2 months now. I would like to know from fellow UPS'ers here what sneaker would be recommed for all the walking that we do. I have been using boots and they are killing me.. Most of the guys I see have sneakers. What kind of sneakers should I get for the extreme waking... Thank You for your info...


I just bought some Privos from Clarks shoe store. I see alot of guys wearing new balance which are not regulation at my center. I know the sketcher work shoes are regulation but they are a little heavier. I wear timberland boots also, which have lasted alot longer than anything I have bought in the past. I would say to get something as close to regulation as you can get away with that are light in weight.


I just bought some Privos from Clarks shoe store. I see alot of guys wearing new balance which are not regulation at my center.

My on road sup told me New Balance is not acceptable because "New Balance only makes tennis shoes." I promptly went home logged on to UPSERS.com and sent any anonymous email stating how for the first 7 years of this job my knees hurt everyday. Since I had been wearing New Balance no aches AT ALL!! I explained I am 33 years old and have never dropped anything on my toes, and I very well may drop something on them today, but I know if I coninue to not wear comfortable footwear I was going to have knee and back issues in my UPS afterlife. It was much more imortant for me to have a body in better condition for my life after UPS than the chance I may drop something on a toe.

I received a follow-up email requesting pictures of my shoes. I replied, and accidently sent it from my outlook express which identified me by name. The next day my center manager called me into his office. He explained he had spoken to someone about my shoes, and they were fine, and I would not hear anything else about it. He also said he knew I was attempting to be anonymous and knew I was not going trying to go over his head.

To this day I SWEAR BY NEW BALANCE SHOES. By a pair with a number over 925 and you will be so happy for it. You also want to replace them every 3-4 months, not when they have holes in them. A typical pair is about $100 so they are not cheap, but your body will thank you for it.


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As hard as driving is on summer shoes, it is almost impossible for me to get a whole season on one pair. You would think that the more you spend on a pair, the longer they would last or the more use you should get out of them, but that is not the case. You have to find the balance of price and what works best for you because if you are like me, you will go through them quickly. Red Wing boots for winter, however, work great! I can get up to 5 years and then all they need is a resole. The last pair I bought were $265 though, so I would expect that.


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DO NOT BUY WALKING SHOES. You will blow them out very quickly. They are designed for old people that walk the mall. Buy a cross-trainer or hiker. They will take the rigors of hte job much better.


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I get New Balance walking shoes every year. They last one season. I like them because there's NO break-in, they're comfortable from day one.

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I'm currently wearing a pair of Columbia shoes, Coletrane series. Very lightweight and comfortable. They are not at all shineable but they are brown. Cost me $110. For my first couple of years I bought Walmart shoes and blew them out within the first two months. Dr. Martens also makes some really kick ass shoes but they are pretty pricey.

In the winter I wear Sorel's. They are kinda clunky to be running up and down stairs with but at least my toes don't freeze.