Wall Street Journal - corporate reputation survey

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    Here is a link, this article was a little too complex to copy and paste. Take a look - there are other companies listed and you might be a little surprised at who was rated what.


    We still have a better overall reputation than FedEx and we actually went up in the rankings (now #4), and while our trustworthiness is better than FedEx's, they beat us by a point in customer service.

    We also have the top ranking for "sincerity in corporate communcations". I think they wanted opinions on press releases and such, but the people answering the survey probably thought of their UPS driver instead - thanks guys (and gals)!
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    iloadthe truck......thanks for posting that link. I tried to get to that story and I didn't want to have to register to get it. Thanks again. I've forwarded the story on to UPS friends. :)