WalMart: Friend or Foe?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Jan 17, 2010.

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    Interesting article

    For the record, I typically try to avoid shopping at any Walmart out of protest of known eminent domain abuses and not that Walmart is alone in this abuse either. So much of corp. America, even UPS have shifted their true costs of business over to the public sector so blaming Walmart selectively might be unfair but one has to start somewhere in opposing gov't (taxpayer paid for) economic intervention!

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    UPS actually pays a living wage to its full time work force so they go out and fuel the economy with their paychecks. Walmart on the other hand does not pay a living wage. They could easily pay their workers more and still make huge profits. Its really a joke. I know several FDX ground drivers and they all joke around about how they work for the Walmart of the shipping industry. Its wasnt long ago that Walmart was putting MADE IN AMERICA tags on merchandise made in China. THERE REALLY IS NOTHING GOOD TO SAY ABOUT WALMART. THEY HAVE BEEN A HUGE FORCE IN DRIVING DOWN THE STANDARD OF LIVING IN THE U.S. SO THEY ARE NOT A FRIEND!:biting:
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    amen +1
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    Friend without a doubt.
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    So that would mean that DHL was the Woolworth's of the shipping industry? If Walmart workers earned $22 per hour, what would a UPS driver earn? Perspective is everything.
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    definitely a friend .......................of Chinas
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    Wal-Mart....your source for cheap plastic crap.

    I refuse to spend my money there.
  8. Those Bastards.... I refuse to shop there

    unless I need some cheap sardines from Thailand; or electronics from China. or a tee-shirt from Bangladesh, or ...........
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    You mean China-mart don't ya?
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    I'm sure the walmart employees would like to make $22 per hour and see what the UPS driver would earn.