Want Info on Redmond, WA.

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by flyinpenguin, Feb 9, 2008.

  1. flyinpenguin

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    I am considering transfering to the area and was wondering about the Redmond center. How many drivers? What area it covers? etc.... Thanks !
  2. MrUPSguY

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    I am not from the Redmond, WA. But I have had the opportunity to visit their building 3 times, all on training seminars. From what I can tell, they run well over 200 routes daily. They handle most of western Washington's main sort out of that center. I am from Port Angeles, WA. And I am pretty sure our feeder driver goes there daily to get our volume. (don't quote me on that) I hope this helps you a little bit.
  3. brownrodster

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    Redmond is a hub which has 3 centers within it. I don't exactly know it's service area. I would guess that it's all the east side of lake washington. and maybe some north of Seattle.

    I spent a week there for training.
  4. supercool

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    I work at Redmond. There are four centers -- Issaquah, Canyon Park, Bellevue, and Kirkland. Redmond covers all the Eastside, up to Stevens Pass (Woodinville, Monroe, Gold Bar, etc... not Snohomish though), and down to Issaquah and over to Snoqualmie Pass, to Bellevue and Mercer Island, north around the lake around Kirkland, Kenmore, Bothell, Lake Forest Park, the northeastern part of Seattle (generally 520 and north and I5 and east), Lynnwood, Mill Creek, etc. It's the biggest facility in the state... I think they do about 200=230 routes. They handle all the outbound loads from centers on their night sort and some inbound stuff (Seattle handles the rest of it). Doesn't take long to go driving because there are so many drivers leaving/retiring/going to feeders/etc.
  5. supercool

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    Your feeder driver brings us a couple trailers every night, though I think that you probably get more of your volume from Seattle (we do have a Port Angeles trailer though... not a very heavy load ;)).