Want to know what I hate about being an unloader?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Penguin, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. Penguin

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    I'll unload 7-9 (my record is 12 in 4-5 hours) trailers a day and get accused of not working hard enough. It doesn't seem to matter most unloaders unload like 3-4 a day. :mad: Oh, and my labels are usually 93-97%. :mad:

    Sometimes, I wish I was as lazy and worthless as some of the other Union employees. Heck, a lot of them make 5-10 more bucks an hour then me too. They like to miss tons of work days too. I've only ever missed 4 days in 2 years. Two were school related, one from the flu and the other was because my alarm didn't go off.:mad:

    Management gets bonuses for getting more production done. I wish hourlys like me at least got more vacation days for kicking ass. I'd feel like my hard work is at least rewarded or cared about.
  2. Pollocknbrown

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    I resent the lazy and worthless comment, while i may not be a blazer like u with 12, i do my fair share of 4-5 just because we have 15-20 ppl working on my shift unloading and about 60 trailers to do, so me doing 12 is rather pointless, plus im paid by the minute, not the box, remember that. And having your labels up, ive also learned is kinda pointless, ive seen our scanners go below 65% and no one do a damn thing, then again they dont work right in the first place, scanning only what they want to and needing a certain amount of space inbetween each box.
  3. dillweed

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    I feel your pain, Penguin, but feel it's unfair to rate your co-workers as lazy and worthless.

    UPS is the type of place where you will never be good enough, trust me. They will ride the heck out of any employee who reacts to it. By telling you they want more, you try to give them more. That's your nature, a great worth ethic and to be respected. But they will never do you any favors in return.

    Many of the workers you are complaining about have experienced the same thing you are going through. They came to the company wanting to do a good job and be respected for it but they were not. Eventually they learned to pace themselves, give a fair days work for a fair days pay (union language) and came to ignore the pressure of management.

    It isn't right but UPS seems to tear down a person's desire to succeed. No one really understands why they do this but they do. Many of us here hate the way the system works but we enjoy hard work and the benefits. We learned to disregard what management says to or about us and don't judge our self esteem on what the company says.

    Take pride in yourself and what you do. Keep to your own standards and hold your head high because you are a good worker. But please don't kill yourself. Work safely, follow the methods and learn to say "I'm doing the best I can". If you hurt yourself trying to prove your worth, they will put you through the wringer.

    As far as others taking days off, disregard it. Never worry about what others are doing or getting away with. It will destroy you. Mind your own business, do the best you can without killing yourself, punch out at the end of the shift and be glad you survived another day.

    Read the posts here and you'll see a pattern of hardworking folks who love their jobs but often resent the way management treats them. I'm not suggesting that you turn lazy, just don't let them hound you into unsafe behavior and please don't mis-judge your co-workers until you'be been around a few years. Take good care and let us know how your'e doing. Come in and ask or complain when you need to, we all understand what you're going through. dw
  4. Fnix

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    hey penguin what hub do you work in
  5. HazMatMan

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    That was your first mistake, setting a "record" of 12 trailers in 4 or 5 hours. Your second mistake is still killing yourself even after they tell you your not.
  6. MR_Vengeance

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    looks like you are learning a hard lesson the hard way.
  7. disneyworld

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    I like to call that pacing myself.
  8. Lobofan5

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    Wow. Spot-on dillweed.

  9. brownarmyboy

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    If they say that your not doing a good enough job, just say "I'm doing the best I can do". I have heard sups. say that sometimes your best isnt good enough. I laugh at that...

    Oh yeah. think of how much you get for each trailer you unload..:w00t:
  10. Fnix

    Fnix Active Member

    ahaha dude your management is ****ed. I do 4 trailers a day and management pampers me cause the most anyone usually does is 3-4.

    average is 45 mins to unload a trailer and starting at 4:30am leaves about 4 trailers if your lucky by break which is when unload is done by.
  11. RockyRogue

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    I do 3-5 in a night when I double. They take about 45 minutes or so. Keep in mind these are pups/min-TOFC's/. The part-timer I'm helping and his full-timer have never talked to me about my speed. The fact that the containers are pulled 10-15 minutes before they're supposed to might have something to do with it :w00t:. The people above me are spot on: find a sustainable pace you are comfortable with and be happy with it. If management comes up to you, growling, be honest and tell them, "This is my best." If they don't like it, they'll get somebody to work with you to improve. -Rocky
  12. clancemandoo

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    when management gets a horse what do you think they're going to do? they're going to ride the s*** out of him. You may think you're a star but i bet you your sups think you're a fool. Don't give these people more than required, they couldn't care less about you.
  13. Its funny though what some call riding the horse that will get you to the finish "they" (or I should say we now...scary) call it "moving people to the work." If someone (myself included) just busted their back to empty their cages, they damn sure aren't going to want to go to the unload....and I wouldn't blame them. Thats when people stop going all out and start giving less than their best if only to avoid extra work. this is why the hard workers burn out, and this is why new hires that run their butts off to make it, quit because they see that all that awaits them after their hard work is more work....all for 8.50 an hour.

    I brought that up at a new hire focus meeting once (I was an hourly at the time) and our manager swore we don't do that (piling extra work on a "horse"). I couldn't help but laugh because its nothing but pure BS as it happened to me all the time before I wised up.
  14. LKLND3380

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    Honest days work for an honest days pay... go do 15 or 18 in 4-5 hours and see if that helps get you a better raise...

    You are guaranteed 3 1/5 hours of work - UPS would love to have everyone wrapped up and sent home in less than four hours...

    You get overtime for working over 5 hours...

    So if you are off the clock in 3 1/3 hours and I am off the clock in 6 hours who made more money? If I am a slow worker that follows proper methods my pay raise will be the same as yours... If I have more seniority, I will have more option days as well as vacation days...
  15. LKLND3380

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    Excellent point... If we were salary I am sure we would knock out the work and go home asap and get paid a flat rate... why kill your self so you can be paid less? PACE YOUR SELF... WORK SMART AND WORK SAFE