Warehouse Associate II

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  1. Does anyone know what is the beginning salary for this position? Thank you.
  2. Box Ox

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    One MILLION dollars.

  3. Wally

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    Only if you are in the Union!
  4. Anonymous 10

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    One million dollars.
  5. Anonymous 10

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    Damn you beat me to it.
  6. scratch

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    UPS has Warehouse Associates? I have never heard of this position. Is this something in the UPS Freight or Cartage divisions?
  7. Covemastah

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    8.50 an hour and a free hard time everyday,,,now get crackin !!!
  8. UPSGUY72

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    It appear the OP is asking about position open as a Warehouse Associate II position at the UPS supply solutions in salt lake cite, Utah.