Warning: check your Summary Plan Description for accuracy

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    Heads up, gang: just because it is required by federal law, do not expect UPS to send you an accurate Summary Plan Description for your retiree health insurance!I finally took the plunge and retired after 35 years as a part-timer. If you work more than 25 years, part-timers are eligible for UPS insurance in retirement through Aetna. Unfortunately the scaled back plan, which does not include dental or vision coverage, is now $350/month. So, I was really shocked to receive the Summary Plan Description that indicated the insurance plan had a $150,000 annual benefit cap. (This sounds like a lot, but if you were in a serious accident you would go through that amount pretty fast.) So I spent weeks scrambling to try to find another plan through AARP, etc. without an annual cap, and would have already switched to a plan with a $5000 deductible, but AARP first required a medical checkup. Meanwhile, I happen to read on the internet that Federal regulations do not allow an insurance company to have a $150,000 benefit annual cap! I thought, " UPS certainly wouldn't send me the wrong information in the Summary Plan Description for my health insurance policy." Then, I check the back of the booklet and it is dated 2002! I called Aetna, and practically every bit of information in the Summary Plan Description was not accurate! In fact there is no annual cap, and most other coverage details had changed also. [This same thing happen to me regarding the Pension Summary Plan Description that was sent to me by the UPS retirement office. It was also ten years out of date and totally inaccurate.]So here's a warning to all UPSers: do not rely on any information from the UPS retirement office to be accurate!
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    Good info. Thank you.
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    AAAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHHH! Even after you retire you still must face the faceless incompetency of the UPS system! Today I received a letter in the mail from UPS entitled, "Retiree Health Care Coverage Denial Letter." According to the letter, "We have not received sufficient proof of pension credit to qualify you for retiree healthcare coverage. If your coverage was automatically assigned, it will be retroactively cancelled." So after retiring with 35 year service benefit, UPS has no record that I worked there??? And I received this letter after paying them over $1,700 in insurance premiums, and after calling them innumerable times to point out that the Summary Plan Description they sent me does not match the ppo plan as described by Aetna! Time to file a complaint with the feds!
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    We struck in 97 because UPS told us it would be a better deal letting Brown handle our retirement and health benefits. Funny.