warning letter ,not deserved

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    i had over 23 years safe driving. this was equivalant two two millin miles. that would be 40 times around the planet earth. i accidentally broke one of my two back windows. ups gave me a warning letter. they btreated me like i was some kind of a criminal. they badgered me and threatened my job. this is not a good company. all you people who have loyalty to ups are fools. they care zero about their people. they deserve no loyalty. basiclly they suck. thank you. merry Chridtmas from an honest hardworking ch
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    The circumference of the earth is approx. 25K miles so your cumulative safe driving equals roughly 80 trips around the world.

    You said that you broke one of the back windows. Our pkg cars don't have back windows so I am going to assume that you meant to say side mirrors. Simply grieve the warning letter.

    May God bless you.
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    Sorry to hear, please tell us some more detail. How did you break the window? Did they challenge your version of the event? Was the letter for an avoidable accident?
  4. I can see why the letter was given. Someone would have started crying: "favoritism". I can't understand the berating, badgering & threatening though.
    The last part of your posts seems out of place for someone that, I am assuming has had not just a safe driving record, but been a positive employee. Maybe you're just :censored2: off right now.
    I'd be interested in hearing about who said this and your past relationship.
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    This company sometimes feels like the den af the devil but thats how it is now its just not a nice place right now.
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    Ive gotten one warning letter but I fought it and got it taken away. I know how you feel they do make little tiny things a big deal but if I were you I wouldnt worry about it to much we all make mistakes.
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    Assuming 200 work days a year thats about 434 miles a day. Have you been driving a feeder the entire time?
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    the guy is full of it ? Read his other post that he posted 11 min later

    my wife called me on her birthday. normally she knows not to call. i thought cence it was her birthday i should answer. she told me are daughter was at the hospital. she was pregnant and due. she was dialted at 5 . she was going to have twins.!!! my boss steve saw me on the phone . he sprinted 40 yards to confront me. he said if he ever saw mw on the phone again ,I WAS FIRED. what a grat company ups is!!! ps... a female driver talks for hours and they ignore it. :peaceful::wink2::happy-very::smart::angry::sad-very::anxious::dead::biting::surprised:no advice wanted thanks

    He is FULL OF IT .

    He make no sence what package car has back windows ? How didn't he know that his daughter was pregnant or excpecting twins ? If his daughter was do and he new it why was the call unexpected ? also there isn't a SUP out there that could sprint 40 yrds. What is it 2 million miles ore 40 times around the earth becasue they are not the same.
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    Could it be a FedEx recruiter in disguise???? One of their plants in our system to undermine our efforts????? My guess is that it is Socks in disguise!! lol
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    could be klein !!

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

  12. I hope so.

    I've only been a Poster since November (I think); right before Klein's vacation.
    Looking forward to his return:peaceful:
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    He's back!!!
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    Sounds like a feeder driver forgot to remove the air lines (don't ask me how I know). Definetively not the first time it's happened, and won't be the last, (had a sup tell me he had to take a driver to the hospital because the glad hand hit him in the head).
    If they fired everyone I've ever seen in the yard for talking on the cell phone they wouldn't have any drivers in NJ!
    Although the 2 screwups in a short period of time could be what prompted the warning letter, probably easier to give one for the broken window, which could be considered an accident.
  15. I actually enjoy his posts.
  16. Monkey Butt

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    Still one problem. He said the manager sprinted 30 yards which is not believable.
    Now you are saying it was a feeder manager that sprinted 30 yards?!?!?!?
    I think we would have heard about a feeder manager having a heart attack!
  17. bluehdmc

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    Hoax, maybe he should have told the feeder manager, (if he was running, yes I know it was hard to believe, maybe he meant to say, "I've never seen him move so fast in my life.") not to run but "walk briskly with a sense of urgency".
  18. What's the saying: "I don't care who you are....that's funny there":happy-very:
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    I think I've finally found a drinkin buddy.
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    If you like drinking with trolls!!:happy-very: