Warning notice then 3 day working suspension

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    We have a new center manager in our building. He has been hammering production. Our time studied almost all lost about 1/2 to an 1 hour basically overnight causing a lot of drivers to be an hour or more over. The stops per hour are the same or up in almost all cases. Coincidentally the part-time pas edd supervisor has just been promoted to full time.

    One driver got a warning notice and now a 3 day working suspension(whatever that is) The union is not any help with preventing this. The Local told our steward that the union does not acknowledge production standards but UPS can and does. What the heck does that mean? I believe there is a driver in our local facing termination for production. The union is supposed to prevent this; not just react to it after suspensions or terminations.
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    The first thing you drivers need to do is document everything. Keeping records no matter how old is very helpful. I have records going back 5 years on almost all my drivers showing their days then and what they are today.

    The union does not recognize the allowances and goes off of a "fair days work for a fair days pay" instead. I would call your local and advise you to have others call and voice your disapproval of their handling of this immediately. You could just have a lazy ba so call your president and if not resolved contact the NLRB and DOL, you have options outside of the union for all matters.
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    I know. Just shocked at the response from our BA.
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    The centers are focusing on SPORH. I'm betting the driver with a suspension got a 3 day ride between the discipline and didn't continue to perform like he did with the sup on car.
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    I want to see the SPARKS REPORT
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    Suspension thrown out at the grievance hearing. UPS tried to hold driver accountable to the same numbers even though his route was drastically change. Union not much help at the Local level. Our steward got it done.
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    Beware. It's not over. We had a case like that. They could not get him on performance so, they road with him and fired him for not following the methods.
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    The company can discipline you for anything. Working suspensions and terminations are issued because the company does not have the power to take you out of service for a performance issue. Brownedunder is correct, since they cannot get you on performance they will try to go after failure to follow the methods this too is not an offense they can remove you out of service easily for. Grieve of all discipline and protest all warnings. Write LOC on every OJS ride you receive. Nothing will stop the harassment but at least you can prevent them from walking you out. We wipe with their performance discipline at our bldg!
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    you must be one bad dude. Anti Socks
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    So it does exist. Working suspension. I had a working termination and work almost 4 months on it.
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    I am currently on a working resignation. I am in the process of resigning but i am continuing to work until it becomes official.:happy-very:
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    Don't want to show them your hold card yet, huh?
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    Yep ... one good run of cards and I am out of there..:wink2: