Was a good employee?

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  1. How do you overnite hired drivers, live like you do, Damn dirty filthy uniforms, dirty filthy personal vehcles, dirty filthy company trucks inside and out........*** I thought UPS had standards...... sad day at overnite.

    Do other terminals have these types of trucks.
  2. Monkey Butt

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    Depends on the driver ... some are pigs. :wink2:
  3. raceanoncr

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    Geez, I'm in parcel and I live like this. Can't afford to clean uniforms, personal vehicle, dirty filthy company truck inside and out.

    Guess it's just my upbringing and company-taught standards. The city don't mind my cardboard box house under the bridge cuz I change it every time it rains.
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    who are u
  5. why.............does it matter.:smart:
  6. bigdaddyutl

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    I have worked for three LTL companys , And it has been the same at all of them. There are slobs everywhere, Look around not just truckers.