Was anyone there?

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    Question 17 Teamsters and Turtles gathered in Seattle, Washington to protest which one of the following?

    World Trade Organization (November 1999)

    my B/A was there for this, the one who wrote UPS survivor guide

    there is also a movie about this out there some were called battle in Seattle

    Hollywood made a movie the big moguls don't want you to see—at least not in movie theaters. Instead, the big producers would love for it to go straight to DVD—maybe because the events it depicts show how union members and activists in the environmental, human rights and religious communities can successfully join together to challenge a bottom-line-only global economy. The "Battle In Seattle," which is being released in limited markets on Friday, tells the story of how those who came to Seattle in 1999 challenged the World Trade Organization (WTO) Ministerial summit in Seattle, changing the course of history.

    Says Townsend:
    I wanted to make this film because the Seattle protests captured many of the most important and ongoing issues of our time. But it was also an event that had largely been forgotten. When I started looking at the footage from 1999, I was amazed at the diversity. This wasn't just rich college kids, it was steelworkers, teamsters, farmers, teachers, Catholic groups, students, and environmentalists standing up and demanding their rights, their dignity.

    Activists Arrive In Seattle, Washington En Masses To Protest A, Meeting Of The World Trade Organization. Riots And Chaos Ensue, As Demonstrators Successfully Sto...p The Wto Meetings

    this movie comes out next month

    Was anyone from B/C there in 1999

    They say every teamster should see this movie,

    and knowing someone who was there make me want to see it.

    I am curious who from here was there i find it very interesting