Was i treated fairly?

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    I've been working for the company for some years, and recently made the switch to a driver from package handling. I was in a class with six other co-workers from the pre-load, then began delivering packages a week later.
    Since the first day on the road by myself, i would usually do 160-180 stops, while having having 350+ pieces in my truck. I would usually make it back into the building by 7:00pm. Some days while out delivering, i would occasionally get phone calls from the other guys that were in my class, saying that they were home already, and that they only did 100-120 stops. When I told them I was doing 160+ they were shocked. Some of the other guys never when passed 120 stops. I wanted to know if this is normal stuff that trainees do, or am I being singled out due to my "union activities" that everyone warned me not to display...well at least until I make book.
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    They are going to push you/take advantage of you are to see if your tough enough. Don't complain until after you make book.
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    Oh foolish one-----Rule #1 -----don't make waves until you make book.
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    What do you mean by "union activities?"
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    Depends on the area you're working. Doesnt mean that they had 120 stops and 350-400 packages within car. That you have 160-180 stops with 245-275 within car. All cars are different and change day by day. This should only been seen as normal. As for your first days, its all about shock and awe. Lets break you now so you leave and never come back. Treated fairly? I say you got what you and they wanted. Shock and awe.

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    While working as a part-time package handler, I was one of those guys that wrote a lot of grievances, called corporate for any types of harassment and would hold the company to contractual standards. Many times the company has gone out there way to try to provoke me into firing myself. I've had management come to me and say that I was a cancer to the company, and that my influence on my co-workers will get them fired. Like I tell a lot of the guys, just follow the methods and work safe and UPS cant mess with you. I have a feeling that when I began driving, word was passed on that I wasn't the type that would allow the company to have its way with me....which is why Im being compiled with work as a trainee.
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    Well there you go!
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    I think you answered your own question. Not that what you did was wrong, but you should know that your choices are going to make your time at ups miserable
  9. Monkey Butt

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    Yes I think you were treated fairly.

    Something to be learned from this.

    ​What did everyone learn on the show tonight Craig?
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    Is that like being a "Made Man"?
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    So, let's see. The company tries to pull some stuff, so he files grievances to protect himself while under contract that UPS should be following, but now is going to be miserable as a driver because of it? There would of been no reason for him to file anything if they were doing the right thing. I myself tend to file when something isn't right especially after giving management a chance to do the right thing, and when they don't, I file.

    If I was getting the same BS once a driver, I would file then too. Don't let them walk on you because they think they can. YOU HAVE RIGHTS!
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    If thats the case, sounds like harrasment to me.
  13. Monkey Butt

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    Which one? Strato or UPS? Both?
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    That's exactly what I do. In my building, people are afraid to hold the company to the contract that they agree to. They're afraid of retaliation if they file a grievance. That's why the company continues to violate the contract because people don't want to have a "miserable" career at UPS.
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    So...let me get THIS straight...and it's going to sound like I'm an :censored2: here and I don't mean it to be...You're complaining that it's unfair you're making more money than them? Right? Just checking, is all.
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    Some routes have less stops than other. the number of stops on a route could vary greatly depending on the number of business, the size of the area, whether its a rural route or close to the building, the type of area (ie good dr or bad ), etc.

    You made it to the big leagues no you just need to put on your big boy pants and stop worrying about what everyone else is doing else you going to find yourself back inside the building...

    Ask some other senior drivers what the stop count should be on that route....
  17. TooTechie

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    On the first point about you being treated fairly, the route is the route and you can't compare apples to apples with all routes. Some routes with a lot of industrial may have less stops due to all the signatures you need to get or due to bulk. Rural areas with long driveways you have to walk off can result in less stops,etc. You could have a lot of cupcake residential with houses 10 feet from the curb and easily be able to do 40 more stops.

    The other item I'll comment on is your history with management. Based on seniority they have to give you a chance to drive however just keep in mind that they dont need a reason to send you back inside. They likely know about your past with preload management so if you havent made book yet keep in mind they might have already made up their mind before they even put you on the road.
  18. UPSGUY72

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    What some people don't understand that there has to be give and take within reason. If you want to be a hardass and file for every little thing every time than you will reap what you sow.
  19. barnyard

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    We have 4 training routes in my center. 1 routinely goes out with 160+ stops, the other 3 go out with 120ish, but are bulkier.

    The training routes in my center all are a grind, but they are also all doable. I suspect that you got the suckiest training route because managers do not like you. I would expect more of the same, even after you make seniority. Sucks, but that is the way it is.
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    All routes are different...like the other guy said, apple to oranges.

    I cover a route that does 55 stops/400 pieces with 37 pickups/500-700 pieces (lots of letters), and I cover a resi-route that tops out at 300+ stops with 350-400 pieces.

    You only have to make book once...good luck!