Was Jeremiah Wright "RIGHT" About the CIA?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Jul 3, 2008.

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    Rev. Wright made what on their face seem like the most wild accusations possible about the US Gov't and specifically the CIA. He was roundly called out and down for it from seemingly all quaters but the other day on National Geographic Channel I watched a program on CIA secret experiments that now forces me to re-consider at least a few of the points that Wright made.
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    here is one of the CIA mind control tapes . Try not to look directly into the monitor when playing this clip.

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    I think he got that from watching "The Jeffersons"....lol
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    So was wright right when he said GD america too?
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    Excellent question Tie. Watch the video and then "If this is true or even partly true" how do you think God would feel about it?

    Would God condone any of us acting in our personal capacity to do any of these things and if we did, what would happen? Then the question begs, is the national interest above the commands of God? Can you in the national interest, murder, steal, lie, covet or did God only mean for us to follow those great precepts only when we acted in our personal capacity?

    Consider this:

    Again, if any of the video be true, how did the above founding principle above become manifested by the actions of gov't? If all men are equal then which one of us can be pulled out of line and sacrificed at anytime for the greater good of the nation? Makes you almost wonder what JFK meant when he spoke those immortal words, "Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country!"

    Wright is easy to pick on not only because of politics but his use of words designed to shock and the GD statement IMHO was pure showmanship on his part. And it worked to a Tee. The reactions of the masses just went to re-enforce an already precieved thinking on the part of those who go to that church or support Wright so in a sense you helped to be a part of a self-fulfilling prophesy for Wright and his flock.

    "See the reaction when I speak the truth! An outlandish lie is ignored as we all know!"

    I'll bet Wright thanked God for you guys as he counted the collection plates and attended all those interviews and speaking engagements!
    :happy-very: Obama didn't put Wright on the map, you did!

    BIG :happy-very:

    You might say Wright is/was a "shock jock" of the pulpit and he's not the first or the last. The one that I loved that sent Limbaugh for example into orbit was the difference in European music and African music as it relates to the beat. European music the beat in 4/4 time is on the 1 and 3 and in African music it's on the 2 and 4. Had I not have a drummer in the family who plays percussion in a symphony orchestra but also drumkit in jazz and rock, I might not have understood Wright's point either that sent Limbaugh into orbit.
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    I'm cool if you guys wanna talk rap and change the thread. I only posted the video since Wright accused the federal gov't of secret experimentation on people and the National Geographic program "seemed" on it's face to support some of those allegations. I was cool if nobody responded at all. The idea was to throw everything out on the table in full sunshine and let the American citizen (those here) decide the course we should take by how they vote.

    Wright IMO is a self-grandizing showman (as IMO most preachers are) but it doesn't mean everything he/they say is always a lie either.
  12. tieguy

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    I think god should have torched wright where he stood for having the gall to speak for him.

    That is what you meant isn't it?:happy-very:

  13. wkmac

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    Works for me!