Was just hired as a package handler... got a call today and am very confused

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by abc123, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. abc123

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    Okay so I had my tour/interview on January 9 at one center, then I had my second interview/meet the center manager on January 12 at the center that I would be working at. I had them at separate spots because one center(the one that I'm going to work) at is new and uses the other center's HR. at the 2nd interview, they told me I was hired. The only thing was that my background check had not gone through yet, so they would call me when it did to let me know when I should come in.

    Yesterday I get a call from a guy from UPS and he basically said "hey, your background check came in, your good, but we're going to be really busy next week for inauguration stuff (I live in Northern VA, right outside of DC) so we're not going to really have time to train anyone, so you're probably going to start orientation on the 27, we'll call you to confirm when exactly." I said ok, and was expecting to start sometime around the 27th.

    Today, I get a call but I missed it and it was from UPS and the original HR interviewer called and asked me if I could come in tomorrow (January 16) at 6:30 to meet with the center manager at the other building. This got me really confused. So, I called back but the girl from HR that called me had left and the guy that answered, if he knew, wasnt really telling me what i would be doing, he just said "be here tomorrow at 6:30".

    Anyways, I plan on going but does anyone know what this is about? Am i starting tomorrow? or is this another interview or processing or something?
  2. drewed

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    Your guess is as good as ours
  3. jw55wags

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    Its hard to say. I would go and see what they want. let us know the outcome! Don't be late.
  4. dilligaf

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    Nope, have no idea. Be there or be square.:happy-very:
  5. SpeedBoat

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    Maybe they are starting you out as a undercover spy for LP.:smart:
  6. govols019

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    Welcome to the wonderful world that is UPS. Don't despair this will not be the last time they confuse you.
  7. JOKER

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    they did me the same way ,had my tour then went for a second interview they then called me in again and told me to be there at 745..i went back in filled out some papers ..u will do a week at cornerstone before u start on the floor..
  8. abc123

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    It was basically another 2nd interview and at the end they decided that I was closer to the other center so that will be the one I'm working at. COMPLETE waste of time.