Was was the Total Raise for this contract? $8.80 or something?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by RealPerson, Oct 25, 2013.

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    I seen Stink and others posting the total amount of money we received for this new contract. Including what is being paid on our behalf.

    What was that amount $8 something correct?

    Also, can someone list the article where it says this, and also explain exactly how the $5 (by the end of the contract) is paid to?

    Does it go straight to a management fund? Or how is it broken down?

    Is that also $5 per "every" hour per person??? raise?? something like $22 per hour by the end of the contract???

    Thanks... I did try to do a search on the PDF I have and it isn't working.
  2. RealPerson

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    No One???
  3. cb1969

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    the total is like 3.40 or something that's it. Don't know where you got 8.80 from its under Article 22 and 41
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    The higher number would refer to pension and health & welfare contributions as well as wages.
    New England received $0.50 per hour per year raises for H&W ($2.50/hr total). Pension was restructured last year with a 10 year freeze on contributions ($6.20/hour plus $2.15B into the fund over 50 years).

    But I believe for national benefit contributions, article 34 states $1/hr per year for benefits ($5/hr total).
    So $8.40/hr over 5 years?
  5. RealPerson

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    That's it. It is going from $17 to $22 an hour by the end of the contract.

    CB1969 -- Stink and all those other Vote Yes Guys were boasting about the big increase of $8.80 .90 something like that. Think I seen it on a Teamster flyer also.

    Well No one believes me that UPS pays this, and thinks our Union Dues are what pay for our Pension and Health...
  6. Inthegame

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    This question has been answered many times already. The total wage and benny increase is $8.90. $3.90 in wage increases and $5 in benefit increases. The $3.90 will show up on your paycheck. The $5 will be in additional contributions to various H&W and Pension plans.
  7. Bubblehead

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    How much of that $5 will we see?

    LOL, that was a rhetorical question.
    I'm sorry.
    I already know your answer.
  8. Inthegame

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    You'll see the $3.90, you'll feel the $5.00.
  9. Bubblehead

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    I'm afraid you're right.
    It already hurts.
  10. Dracula

    Dracula Package Car is cake compared to this...

    It may have been a rhetorical question, but the answer is anything but rhetorical.

    The $5 that UPS is to contribute, and the fact that Central States tells us that they pay out two dollars for every dollar they take in, is clear that any pension benefit we are scheduled to get is heavy weight on thin ice.

    We're going to fall through, the only question is how we will fare once we do.

    Basically, make the best with the $3.90 you get. That is your only guarantee.
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    Sorry, but I mean where do I find it in the Union Book? I am back in town and will look more in depth in the PDF. Not sure why it did not find it.

    I need to show a Steward, who asked someone higher, and they said it would be illegal for the union to accept money from UPS. I explained how I thought it worked, which I was just guessing on who the Money goes to. I am going to guess a controlled fund or something. Hence Central being run into the ground I heard.

    Anyway my main 2 questions are

    Where exactly do I look to show someone this.
    second, who is this Money paid to? The National?

    Seriously not Trolling.... I might even be able to look it up before anyone replies for the first question...
  12. Inthegame

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    Art 34 in the NMA provides the language concerning benefit increases. Art 41 has wage language. The MEMBERS get wage increases, the benefit plans, either H&W or Pension get the negotiated contributions. NO money from this TA goes to any local union. The Union gets funded only through dues.
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    Guess it depends on if you retire or not..

    You can compare it to Social Security, if you die before you reach the age to collect, you just paid in all those years for nothing.
    Same, if you quit and don't retire, or work enough hours a year to gain a year of retirement, kind of a waste.

    I went and read Article 34. I guess it isn't laid out in the simple form, and you have to already have some prior knowledge of how much is already being paid, to know that it will be $22 by the end of the new contract.
  14. Elvis251

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    The hourly benefit contributions are paid into Taft Hartley trusts run jointly by union and employer trustees. Most are locally run. Central States H&W and Central States Pension Fund are regional trusts. These trusts are a great model for benefit funding.