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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by tacken, Jun 17, 2012.

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    Were to start. my manger would stroke me, telling me its ok to do this and that. and he did a great job of setting me up. its my fault to for being taken in by him. but when it came time to let me go he sat there with a stupid smile on his face as they walked me out the door. than the union thanks for taking my dues every month you were really there to help me get my job back. the hearing that lasted all of 5 mins ,and you said there was nothing you could do. but all those backroom deals you make is so funny. again it is part my fault for not keeping my own paper trail . the union protects the lazy worker again my fault for going out there and always doing 160-180 deliveries a day. lazy gets to stay and work. havent worked since i was let go . the union i was in is a joke the B A collects a nice fat salary for doing nothing.
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    What was the issue here/what did you due to get on his radar?
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    You need to fill in "MANY" blanks......
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    these would be following delivery procedures. i did sign for some of my regular costumers, he would say thats ok just make sure its ok with them. again my fault for thinking he would have my back. he always said it was ok. and here i am on the out side looking in. but the union was no help what so ever.

    there was a manger who was signing for drivers for the united way donation. he was caught and still has a job, now isnt that stealing. the old double standard . am bitter . just want to work again. but if you have that target on your back it is just a matter of time before they stab you .
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    I dont know what to say. I wouldnt sign for my mother.
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    Costumers.... ???

    Can't help people.... that don't have a basic understanding of the english language.

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    well thanks for the grammar lesson. and

    Thanks any way .

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    Let me guess--you signed for a regular costumer who then claimed non-receipt of the package. A DFU was issued claiming denial of signature which the consignee signed as not received.

    This in and of itself would not justify termination.
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    why were you there on sat if your full time? i dont sat drivers that do 160 stops
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    If you do nothing wrong than there is no reason to have to watch your back
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    I've said it before, no one ever got fired for doing their job.
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    Long story short, a runner gunner making numbers for a management team that looked away from said drivers deceiving delivery tactics in turn was used as an example because something went wrong got fired. You self admitly knew you were doing things that were scrupulous, bring up your stop count, and say the union protects "lazy" drivers. Runner gunners call anyone not running "their" sporh or getting off early as "lazy". Hate to break it to you but we're not lazy, we do it how it should be done. You didn't so now you're :censored2: off and blame everyone else for your stupidity and termination. Did I pretty much sum up your situation, or did I leave something out?
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    Don't be so harsh on him - all he did was focused on customer service, which was his priority, and should be for the entire UPS organization.
    But, like many have already stated - that went out the window, and some drivers just didn't learn that new UPS attitude, yet.
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  15. Jackburton

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    How is falsifying documents providing customer service to the person sending said packages that require verification that their package was received by the person signing on the X?
  16. klein

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    Hey, if you work in a center like I did, and seen drivers wriiten up for having more then 5 send agains, what is your option,
    Besides, going back to the Addy and still finding nobody home ?
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    Sorry to break the news to you Klein - you cant get fired for send agains.. But signing for people- that's dishonesty... Very simple boys and girls... Sheet the package, call tag, or follow up AT the location ... Yes- at the location.. Does it suck when you forget , yes... But missed can be defended .. Work smart out there... It's above your manager- he hates when his peeps get caught
  18. moreluck

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    And you've been gone from UPS how many years now....3? Why do you think you are the one to give spot-on advice ? Things change, you know.
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    Read the first sentence in post #4, where he admits that he signed for customers package's. That's dishonesty, and a terminate able offense. Find someone to sign or indirect, NEVER sign for someone else's packages. End of story
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    Incorrect. In a neighboring Center a driver with over 20 years seniority was recently terminated for signing for a package that the customer claimed not to recieve,and denied the signature. A quick audit of his records showed almost 40 stops with the same signature....... He said 'it's the only way i can make my numbers' ............ Management is showing signs they may drop the termination before it goes to panel. and yeah the driver is an IDIOT