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    My boss was bragging about his system to see if we nose in 1st , or back in . He showed me
    photos from space . The blue lines were driving foward ( I think ) , red was backing . The system would over lay you tracks on a picture of driveway . My buddy hit a mailbox , he nosed in and backed out . It showed it on the computer screen . My boss was so happy to show this off to scare us . He said they see it all now , every driveway , every stop . Is this telematics or is this something new ? We have had telematics for a year now . I try to follow methods on every stop . Just wondering , if ups has this .
    What does the USA goverment have !!!!!!!
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    It's no more than tellematics.
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    It's Telematics linked with Google Earth.

    This is an excerpt from the novel 1984 by George Orwell:

    Winston Smith is a middle-aged, unhealthy character, based loosely on Orwell's own frail body, an underling of the ruling oligarchy, The Party. The Party has taken early 20th century totalitarianism to new depths, with each person subjected to 24 hour surveillance, where people's very thoughts are controlled to ensure purity of the oligarchical system in place. Figurehead of the system is the omnipresent and omnipotent Big Brother.

    Sound familiar?
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    The blue line is with a stop complete at the end. The red line is no stop at end. We had a guy who had alot of red lines, and it turned out they were when he was doing pickups and doing flag stops. He would go by the pickup, see the sign, and keep driving to the next pickup and stop complete there. They thought he was padding miles driving around. If they want us to meet someone to grab a misload or whatever, have them send you a pickup for the address that you are meeting at, so it will be a blue line.
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    A red line would happen also when you go to a stop, and cant find the package.
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    Wow , why is so hard to drive a brown truck ? Red lines , blue lines ? I just want to do a fair day and go home !
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    The union and company have differing opinions on the definition of the word "fair".
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    What gets me is that I have been doing this job for 29 years and never had my integrity questioned. They spend millions to spy on me, but FOUR of my supervisors over the years have been put on suspension for sneaking in the building at night, getting on the computer, and doctoring peoples' hours. And a whole host of other supers knew it was happening, but keeping their mouths shut.
    But they're spying on us????
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    I prefer my porn to involve men and women having sex, but if red and blue lines on a monitor is what gets your boss off, I guess thats his deal.
  10. soberups

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    Why validate the process by participating in it?

    I am a UPS driver. My to get the packages delivered and picked up, and to provide safe and professional service to the customers who ultimately pay all of our wages. I have much more important things to worry about than whether a line that I generate on a monitor is red or blue. Lets all just focus on our jobs and leave the issue of a colored line on a monitor in the hands of the "professional" who is, after all, far more qualified than we are to "manage" it.
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    We had a driver fired for breaking trace because when he was called in he couldnt account for what he was doing from memory what those instances were. He was red flagged by IE for red lines. He got his job back, but covering your ass will save alot of headaches. It is too hard to remember what I did earlier today, let alone what I did 3 weeks ago. What you do as a driver is your own business, but I prefer to try and make it as painless as possible. If management asks me to drive 3 miles to meet a driver for a misload, who knows your doing that? You, the other driver and the person sending the message. All that IE sees is you driving 3 miles one way, then driving back without doing one thing. It looks like padding. I would rather NOT even be looked at, especially when I am not doing anything wrong.
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    They can watch and be jelly all they want.
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    George Orwell was an optimist.
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    I got followed the other day, and he told me I spent 17 minutes delivering two stops where he couldnt see me. He says that is where you are losing all your time, yakking at businesses. I said yup, check the diad I took a 10 minute break there.
    Seriously, I think there is no need for on area observations. Everything is monitored already.
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    This whole telematics thing is to prevent breakdowns. Its for the mechanics:obeyhypnosmiley:
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    I'm sure it's not the same as yours.
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