Wayne building closed?

Discussion in 'UPS Information Technology' started by whiskeyagogo, Jan 27, 2011.

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    The inclement weather update says Wayne employees should follow an email from yesterday? What's that all about? Is the Wayne building receiving some kind of special status?
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    delayed opening at 11am............
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    Yes, there is special status for Wayne. You would think when they decided to move from Mo-town to Wayne they would have spoken to the town and asked about plowing. No wonder the building was vacant for years! (Maybe other companies could not agree to the cafeteria vendor charging of plastic cutlery but I digress...) What company would rent a major building for many of its technology workers that far from a major road? How much productivity time is lost when people are working partial days during these storms, let alone the safety of our most important asset? I am so sick of that ridiculous snow emergency line (ext. 3000). It is the same canned message that basically tells you to exercise caution and discuss with your mgmt. Gee…thanks…I was actually going to drive faster than I normally do on dry pavement, do donuts in the parking lot and not talk to my mgmt at all….dah!. Incidentally, it was interesting how Corp Atlanta had a few inches of snow and a little ice recently crippling the area and Corporate for a week. Many either did not come in all week or worked from home. Funny how UPS drivers in NJ were not dispatched on a day recently when the weather was so bad yet it was “business as usual” for ISNJ.

    So, why can't upper management expand the "working from home" to everyone on bad snow days? Imagine if they had trust in their employees and used simple management accountability tools; the positive outcome it would have on morale and productivity? We all have remote.ups.com access, laptops, blackberry, etc... so, why can't our overpaid HR consultants and UPS execs figure something out? Let’s see what they do this week with the next snow storm. I bet it will be “business as usual”, except for Wayne.
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    Avg Joe....I called the center and the drivers were dispatched in NJ....not all drivers showed up....

    i heard the PM say that UPS would monitor the weather and he used the delay 3 times...i actually think it could have ben used 5 or 6 times....but it is better than what we had before. Being 7 miles of a major highway is the reason as the other Northern NJ buldings are right off 17.

    I miss my commute to Motown. The Wayne bulding is nicer and the cafeteria is 1000 percent better. I am also glad to be working.

    We have seen alot of change in the past few years, i dont agree with all of the change but i will take these changes over what could have been

    I still have Motown Pride !!!!
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    a cafeteria? You get a cafeteria?
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    Sorry this response might be a little late. I'm fairly new to the site, and am first viewing this thread. This is a response to AvgJoes post on 1/30/11, your last sentence in the first paragraph: Funny how UPS drivers in NJ were not dispatched on a day recently... Although I am a retiree I still keep in touch with many of my friends and former co-workers. The only day this season where drivers were not dispatched was 12/27/10. I'm sure most, if not all you remember we received on average about 27" of snow that day and the day before. The "acting" governor of the state issued a state of emergency roughly 4 PM on the 26th. This banned all non-essential vehicular momement. Anyone crazy, or more appropiate, STUPID, enough to go out got stuck, or even worse stranded, on their journey. I don't feel the need to go back and do the reserarch, however I remember reading in articles there were upwards of 700 cars stranded on NJ roadways. There's another component alot of you "desk jockeys" never consider on these days. Our drivers need to get out of/down/through their properties. Navigate into work. Then get into their PC's and do it all over again for 10 and up to 12 or more hours. Often trudging through commercial properties, and especially residential ones that have not and WILL NOT be sufficiently cleared. All the while office workers also have their properties to deal with, and equally bad commutes in, but once your in your office, your out of the elements for quite a few hours. The few times that I know of in close to 40 years that operations have been supended for a snow day did not warrant your post.
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    I believe the OP's point was that on 12/27/10 IS employees were still required to come to work even though there was a state of emergency and driver dispatches were suspended. Nothing more, nothing less.

    The point of us "desk jockeys" not coming to work is we can work from our houses without the need to do the whole snow traffic bit. We often perform rollouts or support on weekends or nights from home, so it's not like this is a novel concept. Nearly all IT companies allow telecommuting, especially during extreme weather; UPS is the exception in this way.

    Drivers cannot "work from home" so obviously there cannot be "snow days" for drivers.
    I'll be the first person to say I would not do a driver's job. It is a long miserable weather sodden way of life with too many measurements and too many people watching. You are, however, comparing apples and oranges IMHO.
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    You may be surprised at what you would do if the situation warranted it.