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  1. Was just curious if any of your stations go through paper like its going out of style? I often wonder how much money express would save if we didn't have v41s, V31s, paper time cards, computer printed time cards, Astra Labels, roads labels etc...etc...etc..... I'm sure I'm forgetting about 100 other types of reports that we think we have to have. Just food for thought.
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    There is a hypothetical express office i know of that goes through about 9 reams a week. 90% of it goes straight from the printer into the recycle bins unread. This was brought to the attention of the SM who was appalled and promised to do something about it. That was over a year ago.
    Since then, not a peep out of him.
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    How about Safety In a Box? That's at least a ream of paper per station per month!!
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    Stations are indeed wasteful.
  5. I'd be curious to find how much money is spent each year on paper per employee. Just in one day you've got your actual time card, your computer generated time card, Any reports you may or may not be expected to print out depending on location , and whatever else prints out along with those reports. I'm willing to bet its a pretty nice chunk of change. What do I know right? I'm just a courier.
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    FedEx is both paperless and totally green. You are a bad attitude employee for saying FedEx wastes anything.
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    Hey, I've been in the station restroom stall when it was paperless and I was totally green!:panicsmiley:
  8. You're right you're right... What was I thinking?? FedEx does no wrong.. Fred told me so in a (Lets go team!) news letter he sent to my house last week!
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    OLCC yourself immediately!!! No, write yourself a letter.
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    Use the "ass gasket". It costs them more money that way.
  11. MPS labels....
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    I have approached management on several occasions, I won't specify, but FedEx will not do anything to save money the traditional ways.

    For example if we "must" have all this paper waste, shouldn't we recycle it at the very least?
    99% of the waste at our STA is paper.. yet we fill a regular dumpster with paper and it goes to the landfill
    BTW the city offers FREE recycling pickup with standard service..

    FedEx appears to not care, about saving money, or the environment, even if it is free.


    My wife was looking at this months rah rah, and said "Express is where you work, and he keeps sending you info on Ground and now Office...wtf?"..lol Even she gets it....
  14. Letter from the chairman! I waited and waited by the mailbox for it! I used it to pick up my dogs crap.
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    really??? i've brought this up with the local managers at our terminals years ago; we have paper and plastic/AL/glass recycling buckets in the 2 HD terminals for a couple of years now (not in 2006-2007, when i 1st approached them about that).

    I believe someone at Ground also stated they are recycling their paper as well since most of their trash is mostly paper/cardboard...
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    Too slippery.
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    LMAO. Did the crap jump-up and refuse to lie on the paper?
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    It's amazing how many people still don't get it. By the way, where is the Shillmeister?


    They must be working on a new set of responses to use, then on the time and place to use them in conversation, I would imagine his terminal is set up like a telemarketer's, with notes and phrases on half the screen.
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    Better yet, follow someone's lead in our station. They crammed a hand full of ass gaskets in the toilet to protest that there had not been toilet paper in the station for a week. Toilet overflowed and the water flooded the hallway and the floor of our favorite manager's office. His collection of porn and stacks of yet to be audited time cards got ruined. What a shame.
    Luckily his mini fridge full of Mountain Dew, bacon, and butter was spared.