We all need a translation machine to decipher Right Wing Talking Points!!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by The Other Side, Aug 13, 2011.

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    In 2008, the right wing or the republican party, created the most deceptive practice of using Talking Points that have a different meaning then how the listener perceived them. Over and Over, cable shows like FOXED SPEWS or A.M. radio jerks like Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, Orielly, Ingraham,Steyn et al, use talking points that say nothing, yet give the listener a belief they are learning something. All you have to do is listen to anyone (ah-hem) who repeats these talking points on this board to see how effective they work.

    This year is no different. From congress to the senate to the surrogate talking heads on Foxed Spews, they repeat the same old talking points day after day after day and never really say anything. They use "BUZZWORDS" that capture their listeners attention and they then lose focus on meanings. Look at the word REFORM, the right wing uses this word because its a positive word, but they use it in a negative outcome. The word Frivilous is also a BUZZWORD that implies something bad, and then is used against the listener in application.

    The right wing just cant be able to speak truthfully about what they are trying to communicate to the american public. Lets look at whats been said so far and then put it in the translation machine and see what they really mean!

    Social Security Reform- cut money from old people
    Medicare Reform- cut money from old people
    Tort Reform-take money from all americans
    Mortgage Reform-home ownership society- Bush2
    Wall Street Reform-gut new regulations on wall street executives pay
    Welfare Reform-cut from poor people
    Education Reform-cut out asistance to public schools, make school loans harder to qualify for.
    School Lunch Reform- cut from poor children

    If the republicans had any "ballz" they would just come right out and say what they mean, instead, they use jibberish by way of talking points to make a point that never clearly points out what they want to do. After all , the Republicans want all americans to believe they are our friends, right?

    As an alternative, I found this clip of a translation machine that we could use to place ALL the RIGHT WING talking points into and get a definitive answer to what they mean!!

    As our country simmers in turmoil, this machine could help ALL americans figure out what the republicans are trying to say: check it out!



  2. Baba gounj

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    No wonder Air America failed.
    You spent all your time listening to the other guys.
  3. trplnkl

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    And the left : Peace= We'll call you liars, nazis, cheaters, haters, criminals, racists and various other despicable names and you can't say anything about us because we said "peace".
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    The difference is, the line between a far leftist and bi-partisan has become blurred in this country. The past thirty years or so have basically cemented this.

    You know as well as I, that liberals are nowhere near as far left as conservatives want to slant. To even have a moderate liberal pov to bipartisan means you are a commie pinko to the right. This is a very very bad thing for the future of this country.

    In all fairness and overall :wink2: The left overall would view the RADICAL right as bat:censored2::censored2:*:censored2: crazy, however the wealthy Republicans view any liberal or social tendencies at all to be bat:censored2::censored2:*:censored2: crazy.

    Very Transparent imbalance!
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    Geez, what are you, a terrorist ???? :wink2:
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    My slant on "bat-poop" crazy is Debbie Wasserman Shultz saying that " the economy is so much better off under Obama's leadership." AND, she says it with a straight face. If there were no labels (D. or R.) I would still think she is crazy as a loon!
  7. The Other Side

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    Shes comparing OBAMA to BUSH,,,, even you wouldnt dare to propose that BUSH was Better at handling the economy than Obama.

    But then again, if youre told to say it, you will. Wasnt that BUSH holding the translation machine in the video clip as the country burned?

  8. moreluck

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    Your guy added $5 trillion to the deficit.....how is that turning things around???? It's not, you know....or are you totally oblivious to that fact? He said he would cut the deficit in half ...........empty promises. So, go ahead and make all your lame excuses. Lies are lies !! Period the end. Bush is no longer president....try living in the present.
  9. av8torntn

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    The economy was dramaticaly better under Bush than it has been under zero.
  10. The Other Side

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    Ya AV8.

    lets see...

    10.7 trillion dollar national debt when he left office
    7.8 unemployment
    stock market crash
    Housing crash
    11 million jobs shipped overseas
    bailouts in the trillions
    2 unpaid wars
    9/11 under his watch
    6500 soldiers killed under his watch

    Ya, your right, this is what america deserved.

  11. av8torntn

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  12. The Other Side

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    This is the most intelligent post I have seen in this thread yet. Keep up the good work! :wink2:
  14. The Other Side

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    Thank you, wish I could express the same sentiments to you.

  15. av8torntn

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    Thanks you can tell the left is getting very desperate already as they claim how great the economy is doing.
  16. Monkey Butt

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    That's OK ... I would assume you were lying if you did.
  17. wkmac

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    I understand your point but to me it's like jumping off the Empire State building and claiming the trip was most pleasant until the damn sidewalk got in the way!

  18. The Other Side

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    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHah still laughing..hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahah....tapping side...hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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    To me it's would you rather jump off the empire state building or the sears tower? Who really cares there will not be much left when you are done. That being said by any reasonable measure the economy was much better for the sheeple under Bush than it has been under zero.
  20. The Other Side

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    Prove it Year over year.