We Are The Enemy

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    If you're an hourly employee at FedEx, you are the enemy. Why? Because Fred actually has to pay you, and even if you're working as hard as you possibly can...that's not good enough. Somewhere, someone within the bowels of the company has determined that you can do even more in less time, and Fred believes them. Never mind that they don't take "extraneous" factors like safety, employee health, traffic, and weather into account..you CAN be more productive because the computer says you can. The people who dictate what you do, how you must do it, and the other moronic policies you must follow, have never touched a package, dealt with a difficult customer, or tried to get to a stop on-time through rush hour traffic. They are cubicle geeks, who know nothing of what we really do.

    The "fact" that your productivity is not maximized makes you the enemy. So does overstaffing, when volumes are down....that's your fault.If you get hurt, even if someone drops a container on you, it's on you. Get it? No matter what, it's your fault that Express is sliding into oblivion...NOT management. Hey, they've got nothing to do with it, right?

    This "justifies" the way they treat us like yesterday's garbage, because we aren't making them enough money. Maybe these fools need to take a look in the mirror and see who has really screwed this place up.
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    Sounds like ups to me!
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    I love this part b'c it's super true.