We Have Deflation, We Need Inflation!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Apr 24, 2009.

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    Barney Frank wants to inflate the economy ie prices/wages/etc to stem the deflationary pressures that exist which are a natural conseqence of the business cycle. However, he also sez that once things stabilize in a manner to his liking, the Federal Reserve will then withdraw this money back out of circulation. If you take this money back out, this is also a deflationary move so what does he hope to gain other than to move the pain down the road and make our total debt to the banksters even worse and thus the down the road pain even worse?

    If this wasn't real life, I swear it was a bad comedy on late night TV!

    BTW: It is true what Frank said about republicans killing the monetary committee to keep Paul from the chairmanship. Hats off to Frank for publically pointing that fact out!
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    thats what happens when you put liberal idiots in power. Inflation at this point would start another cycle of home foreclosures and send us into a full depression.
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    Barney would never let that happen.
    He would keep saying that all is fine just like he did about how solid Freddie/Frannie Mac were as they hit rock bottom.
    { Barney's favorite road sign in Massachusetts; " Entering Dennis " }