We were instructed to sound the horn at all Intersections today

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by 728ups, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. 728ups

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    The folks in the Ivory Towers came up with this little gem as a result of an accident Y/day.
    A car pulled in front of an Oncoming UPS truck,and later told the police he didnt see the UPS truck.The Police found the driver of the car at fault,and issued him a citation. The police also mentioned the UPS driver did nothing wrong,and did took every evasive action to avoid the collision
    UPS on the other hand said the Driver 'Failed to Expect the Unexpected" and a Warning Letter has been issued. The Division Safety Manager said that had the UPS driver used his horn APPROACHING the intersection the driver of the car would have seen him,and there would have been no wreck

    So.................... in our PCM today we were told that in ALL intersections we were to use the horn to 'make ourselves visible'. I asked about using it at a 4 way stop,or round a bout wouldn't it appear confrontational? I was told I was a professional driver,and to "blow the horn in a non confrontational manner'................... so yeah today i got flipped off at about a dozen times ,but hey i guess i was visible!
  2. jaker

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    Yeah that's going to work out great with all the road rage drivers out there
  3. Jackburton

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    Guy in Roswell got fired two months ago for the same thing, got his job back a week later. Using the horn at every intersection will stop once someone gets in a wreck thinking your "motioning them to go" and get T boned by the driver that just passed on your left.
  4. 104Feeder

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    It's times like these I wish we had air horns.
  5. moreluck

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    Even with someone in the crosswalk crossing in front of you? Have your cameras ready......
  6. Jackburton

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    I'm starting to think the guys who make up these types of knee jerk reaction policies concerning safety don't even drive to work anymore.
  7. BrownArmy

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    Wow. Just, wow.

    Beeping the horn at every intersection in my neck of the woods would get me:

    A: Pulled over by the Po-Po,
    B: Into an actual, real-live accident (as I would be miscommunicating my intentions in traffic), or
    C: Beat up by the Joe-boy who thought I was honking at his baby-mama.

    You can't make this stuff up.

    There should be a rule: all the people who come up with these 'directions' should have at least one peak season under their belt as a helper, just to throw a little reality back in the mix.
  8. bumped

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    A driveway is an intersection.:panicsmiley:
  9. Brownslave688

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    It's against the law to honk your horn unless in an emergency. Horns are not meant to be a prevention tool. If everyone honked at every intersection or while going thru parking lots or anything like that people would just quit paying attention. Most of the people I honk at for legitimate reasons still don't hear it because the music is too loud or on the phone.
  10. DiadDude

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    In some areas you can be ticketed for using your horn in a "non-emergency" situation
  11. That makes it illegal no ? Just refuse to do it ? I dont use that damn thing all day long. I dont even use it backing, sorry :(
  12. Buck Fifty

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    Get the guys together and when ya'll are all leaving the bldg, lay on the horns. Blow the crap out of them and check them real real good. Its been deafening in our hub at times when they pull this kind of nonsense. Do it often enough to let them know that when it comes down to it, ya'll are all calling bull:censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: on them.
  13. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    That was the rule for management until enough of them couldn't handle it then the rule changed.
  14. Cementups

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    I'm just going to solve this problem by taping my horn button down. That way it's just on all the time.
  15. BrownArmy

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    Well, that's too bad...all those managers who couldn't cut it went on to bigger and better things, and now we have a bunch of people telling us how to do our job whom have never done our job?

    All the FT sups in my center have either started out as drivers, or have a certain measure of driving experience. Same goes for my center manager.

    So I guess they're taking orders from people who wouldn't cut it as a Peak helper?

    That sucks.
  16. old brown shoe

    old brown shoe 30 year driver

    Need to put lights and sirens on all the trucks and we could just drive around with them on all the time. At least then everyone would pull over and get out of our way.
  17. Loufan

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    I'm pretty sure in my state you're only supposed to use the horn in emergencies, because it can scare another driver or something, so i really don't think that's much safer.
  18. clarnzz

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    Honk your horn, smile and wave, who cares.
  19. kingOFchester

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    I would think having 2 hands on the wheel as you approach and enter intersections would be safer being that you would have better ability to initiate evasive actions. But what do I know? I would of been lost had they not sent a message during a down pour stating "its raining, be sure to use wipers".
  20. Richard Harrow

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    Getting past this one is easy. Find the municipal code for the town you deliver in. Almost all of them (including the municipality I do) have a quality-of-life ordinance against the sounding of horns unless danger is absolutely imminent.

    I haven't sounded a horn on my area while backing in years. I don't want to receive a ticket, so I just use my camera and mirrors and back slowly and deliberately.