Weather Bags do you use them?

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by OrioN, Dec 9, 2018.

  1. OrioN

    OrioN double tap o da horn dooshbag

    Soooo a few customers phone in or sent compliments about me using weather bags last week during a heavy rainstorm... it sucked so bad my shorts and undies were soaked by the end of the night. I changed out my shoes and socks as well, using the floor heater to dry em out.

    I kinda loathe doing it, since we're not paid extra for it & wastes time.

    but for those homes with no covered porch or carport, I must provide the purple promise!

    I'm not leaving a tv, electric guitar, computer, wood furniture , etc out in the rain & I'm not coding it 007 since I clean plate almost every day...


    Yup, he saw me double bagging it & taping it shut on his surveillance cameras to call it in and value my services. Others got me on video backing up to their garage, bagging their stuff in the back of my truck, and unloading them to the side door... cameras be everywhere in my woods

    I wish a cuckservative millennial would call in for us to stop using the plastic bags because it's bad for the environment and it would end up in the ocean and would be in the fish we eat... blah blah blah
  2. whenIgetthere

    whenIgetthere Well-Known Member

    I'd use them but the station hasn't had any in months.
  3. Star B

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    I use them but most of the rural routes keep their garage service doors unlocked so I can just pop it open and put it inside.
  4. OrioN

    OrioN double tap o da horn dooshbag

    So you just bring it back for a re attempt tomorrow or you just drop n run, damaging the contents inside???

    When my HD terminal ran out, I went to the ground terminal nearby to load up on bags, tape and sometimes status door tags
  5. Star B

    Star B White Lightening

    @whenIgetthere is an expresser. If his station isn't properly stocked, not his problem. I'm sure he'll do the best he can to minimize damage and go.
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  6. OrioN

    OrioN double tap o da horn dooshbag

    I got a complaint one time doing that... it was dumb for him to blame me for keeping his garage unlocked.

    safe to say I refuse further deliveries to that customer.
  7. OrioN

    OrioN double tap o da horn dooshbag

    Ok, so he's hourly.. you can have that option to bring it back for a re attempt tomorrow then!
  8. dezguy

    dezguy Well-Known Member

    Paid by the hour, bro. Send me back 5 times if they want.
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  9. CJinx

    CJinx Well-Known Member

    Those weather bags are a great way to reduce chargeable complaints regarding packages getting damaged by inclement weather. My domicile station has an auto-ship pallet of boxes of various size bags every week. We keep a decent surplus at any given time so we never run out.

    I was part of a team sent to another station at the direction of the MD to help put out fires and noticed they didn't have any bags. They would get tons of complaints any time the weather was crappy due to boxes being left out in the elements. So I placed a massive order ($1500+) for bags, prompting the SRM of that station to blow a gasket and send me a nastygram decrying the hit to his budget. I replied (and cc'd the MD) that the station could eliminate most of it's complaints if it equipped the drivers with the tools they need to protect the packages... he did not reply and approved the order. :whiteflag:
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  10. Star B

    Star B White Lightening

    My rules for indoor garage releases:
    Don't walk in the garage
    Don't put the package in a vehicle travel area.
    Don't block the garage service door operation area.

    If you can't do all three because they are a hoarder, find somewhere else. Like, right outside the door. F em, I tried.
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  11. OrioN

    OrioN double tap o da horn dooshbag

    See, you get "the big picture" while some station management are either lazy or ignorant of the situation.

    Fellow FXG drivers don't care due to not paid extra to care... if we're hourly, then maybe we can provide better service.

    I asked them, "so you will driver release that big tv out in the rain???"

    "It's the shippers problem for not shrink wrapping them or not using signature required for them"

    "It's peak season, we ain't got time fo dat"

    SMH, but I understand... I just can't do that to my customers of 3 years +
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  12. McFeely

    McFeely Huge Member

    I can't think of a single house on my route that doesn't have a nice covered porch. I haven't needed to use a rainbag in years.
  13. dezguy

    dezguy Well-Known Member

    What do we need bags for? All we deliver is envelopes.
  14. MyTripisCut

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    I haven’t used a condom in over ten years.
  15. OrioN

    OrioN double tap o da horn dooshbag

    Heh, so you following my lead with the smalls thread?
  16. OrioN

    OrioN double tap o da horn dooshbag

    You're in the BOG, I guess... yeah a home without a covered porch is not really favorable to buy (for me)
  17. Jkloc420

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  18. Jkloc420

    Jkloc420 Well-Known Member

    no you dont
  19. Brownsocks

    Brownsocks Just a dog

    Must be nice. I've went through almost two rolls in one day.