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  1. on thur the news put up a warning that there was a water spout off the coast and it was going to hit land at 245pm and it named 3 beaches in the warning I call my center mgr and told him and he stated that he was going to send a message out to let the drivers know to watch out for this. I have been back in the hub working since last week and i asked the drivers did they get the message and they stated no one told them anything . so ups has no way of getting this news to let there drivers know this is a very bad thing they could have been killed does any other center out there have a weather warning system for drivers and do you think we should have one in place
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    What do you mean they have no way? Very seldom is a driver on road without a DIAD. They have no intention of warning them, maybe.....but they do have a way.
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    Our center is actually very good about getting safety messages out to the drivers, whether it be a weather alert or a traffic alert. There have been times when I have called in to let them know about an accident which would cause a delay and to ask the OMS to let incoming drivers know so that they could choose an alternate route back to the center.
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    Two times at the CACH we have had severe weather hit that warranted taking cover and neither time we were warned. One time a thunderstorm was so severe that we could not see and everyone came to a stop until it passed. The only message we got was Yard Control asking why the moves had stopped.
    The second time we had a micro-burst come through and it actually tipped trailers over. Once again we received no warning until the storm had passed.
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    Note to self: Don't take cover under a trailer.
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    Funny you mentioned that. When they called in a wrecking service to right the trailers they lifted a 48' lying on its side and discovered a dolly that it had fallen over onto and that had punched :censored2: into the trailer.

    Their "verbal" warning system here is a joke. Anymore guys will give a heads up on their radios and we`ll take cover in the wash tunnels or in the inside bathrooms.
  7. what i was talking about was mgr have no way to get the info other then staff they dont have a radio that is on at all times for warnings
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    "Sometimes" in August we will get "heat alerts" before we even leave the building.