Week one totals for the IBT presidential elections

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    Well I thought this was interesting there are roughly 104,584 ballots mailed in on week one of the election. Not bad but well below the number it should be at and guess what, there is a break down per region and that makes it even more interesting. So lets see eastern region 33,518 and that is 9%, central region 41,959 and that is 11%, southern region 8,556 and that is 7%, and last but not least 20,551 at 6%. Hey The Other Side, what is going on in California? I expected better numbers from the West coast based on your comments.
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    The bolded part above is the flaw in your expectations.
  3. mamirk69

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    I am giving The Other Side the benefit of the doubt.
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    TOS needs a benefit all right !!!
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    Where is this info coming from.....
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    You can follow the balloting at the TDU website, among other places . . .
    Teamsters for a Democratic Union

    - - - -

    It's possible the ballots from the West take longer to travel back.

    It may also be that since Hoffa's vice-presidential candidates from the West are already elected, there is less interest in voting on the part of Teamsters in the Western Region. No one ran against Hoffa's Western Region candidates, so they were declared "elected" months ago at the IBT Convention.
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    I personally voted and there are a lot more that do as well. I equate it to sports teams. Back east and the mid-west your all very passionate about your sports teams and you have a stroke when the Jets or Packers lose. Nobody cares that we don't have a NFL team in so-cal. Dodgers bankrupt.......so. Lakers get swept.......whatever. So Cal is full of bandwagon front runners and posuers. Bottom line... enough of the vote will get out to push Hoffa/hall over the top out here. The membership to actual voters, pathetic. Why? Because as a whole we don't give an F and we have better S to do.<br><br><br><br>Listen to Black Sabbath
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    The Chargers are in Southern California still, aren't they?

    Go Hoffa/hall
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    Do the math bonehead. We are seven mailing days away from DC. Those returns reflect the east and midwest and our returns are always the greater number coming in during the last week of ballot acceptance. We get our ballots last and usually a week after the rest of the country recieves theirs. In turn, it takes longer for the west to come in.

    Sheesh. dont have to be an einstein to figure that one out.

  12. Floyd Gondolli

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    Let me clarify......So Cal district. that's the greater Los Angeles area brother. Time for my yoga class lol

    B.T.W. T.O.S. You Effin rule............396

    Listen to Black Sabbath!
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    That is the reason why the ballots were staggered moron. It does not take a George Bush Jr. to figure that one out because many received their ballots well before I received mind because I am closer to D.C. As I said before there is some respect but the Monty hall in you seem to come out.
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    Wow, such underwhelming logic.

    Lets see... HOFFA T-shirts are on back-order from Hoffagear.com so I guess (by your logic) this one is in the bag.

    The number of ballots in mean exactly diddly squat (squared).
  15. brown bomber

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    am I entitled to a ballot.......I'm still a member of the Teamos, even though I'm on disability..........apparently I still work for UPS..........any suggestions ??
  16. The Other Side

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    Hey supergenious, our ballots didnt start arriving until late last week and early this week. We cant help the mail.. Some of our guys were barely sending them back in this week. Do you realize how far california is and its relative size compared to podunk?

    Give it some time, the returns will come back, and for HOFFA.

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    Did you take a withdrawal card, or are you paying dues to keep current?
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    Wore mine yesterday.
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    Not if only 20,000 have voted thus far. I expect those numbers to decrease on a weekly basis. History showed in the west only 40,000 individuals voted and when I say the west that includes all locals and states on the west coast not just the state of California. Believe it or not the world is round not flat on the west coast so there are other states with locals. Jimmy might want to get his resume together if he is relying on the west coast to bail him out.
  20. hypocrisy

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    Still no one willing to put a friendly wager though....