Weight listed on tracking number not correct

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    I'm expecting a shipment of about 80 books this Friday (selfpubbed). My printer recently switched to UPS and I've honestly had trouble with shipments every since, but this is the first time I'm legitmately worried that it might be an issue on my printers end and not UPS

    The books were spilt into 4 boxes and I received 4 tracking numbers. All weights listed on the tracking number vary signifigantly even though they should technically have the same number of books in each box. the box weights are 3.6kg, 4.5kg. 4.5kg. and 7.8kg

    Even more particular, the total weight of the 4 packages is still nearly 10kg short of what the total weight of these 80 books should actually be. I've done the math and there's weight missing, according to the tracking numbers at least.

    Is this just a problem with the information listed in the tracking number, or should i actually be concerned about possibly missing nearly 20 books once I receive this order?
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    What kind of books

    Your answer is important don’t lie
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    Any shipping company will only have the weight the shipper entered in the system unless the packages are audited along the way.
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    Kama Sutra. Lol.
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    Who’s skinandbones
    by the way
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    He probably lied about the weight...they all do.

    BSWALKS Almost Honest

    Size Doesn't Matter
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    Thank you
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    So many ways I could go with this
    But since it’s Tuesday I’ll leave it alone
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    This is Merica! Convert into pounds the way nature intended it to be, and get back to us.
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    If it's Tuesday this must be Belgium.
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    Tell UPS that. The weight is listed in kgs

    BSWALKS Almost Honest

    Tuesday is nudie magazine day.

    Thanks for the reminder!
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    We dumb Americans, we ain't got no time for kg's.
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    It's just 2.2. Important to know that 31kg is overweight and 63kg+ is not accepted into the system.