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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by splozi, Dec 12, 2011.

  1. splozi

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    I work in pre-load and I'm also driver helping during peak.

    Typically, this is is the sort of pay breakdown I've been seeing: x amount of hours worked at the base pay (preload), x amount of hours at 8.50 (helper), and x amount of hours at 12.75 (overtime @ helper pay).

    Something strange showed up on my paycheck last Friday. I got paid for a few hours at the overtime rate for my base pay.

    Was this likely just a mistake, or is there something I am unaware of?
  2. scratch

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    If you had any Option Days you did not use during the year, you got paid for them.
  3. DS

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    shut up
  4. brown bomber

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    I was told years ago......ACCOUNTING does not make mistakes.....I've been overpaid on a few occasions (which I reported)....and nothing ever happened.......I've reported every overpayment, I've received........and there has never been any form of repayment
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    Did you work over five hours on Preload for any of those days?
  6. menotyou

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    At my center, they are coming in at 1am. Lots of inside OT.
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    Over five hours for part time is automatic jump into overtime. This month you'll be seeing a lot of it. Got something like 360 bucks last week. That after the feds and medcare took 59 dollars of it, mostly feds ( 47 dolla ). I tell you what, the federal government is the biggest crook of them all.
  9. brown_trousers

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    It was not overpayment! UPS appreciates your hard work and as such has rewarded you with a bonus :)

    I too have noticed questionable "overpayment" on my some of my checks in the past, but I never report it. I figure for every mistaken overpayment, they have probably shorted me a few dollars on other paychecks as an underpayment.
  10. splozi

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    That is very good to know! I got about 370 last paycheck, and am expecting 470+ for the next. The extra money is nice... but I tell you what, I'll be glad when this is over. 12 hours a day is brutal.

    DTAHONDA New Member

    I worked 38 hrs 2 weeks ago as a driver helper, 3 9+hr days and only got 3hrs of OT..

    And most checks when i work 5-7 hrs a day i get a little ot. h