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    Hokay, so, I just recently quit good ole UPS to move on to greener ( or less brown) pastures. I called up the local teamsters for my center to get a withdrawal card and get some questions answered, and they told me they have absolutely no record of me in the wtf mate?

    I guess I should give a timeline to clarify things a little.

    I was hired in at the Lansing Center as a seasonal Pre-loader in November of 2009. Got hired in as permanent January 23, 2010. Transferred to the Pontiac center (school transfer) in May 2011. Got knee surgery and went on short term disability December 22, 2011. Got a new job and quit UPS March 23, 2012 (didn't come back to work at all after surgery)

    Now when I called the Pontiac local today, I was expecting to have to pay the dues that accumulated during my stint on disability, get a union withdrawal card, and ask about my 3 vacation weeks i had for 2012 (to see if I had a right to get them as paychecks?). What they told me was that I wasn't even in their records as a union member.

    I called the Lansing local, thinking that maybe they have been receiving my dues instead of Pontiac, but they said they haven't received any dues from me since January 4th 2010.

    I had direct deposit set up for my entire tenure at UPS, so I guess I never really looked at the paycheck to see if my dues were actually being taken out, although I remember seeing them on there for my initial paper checks when I first started.

    Is it possible I just slipped through the cracks this entire time? I received insurance benefits, and got my vacation weeks and pay raises as scheduled, so I just assumed there wasn't an issue and I was being charged dues.

    I talked to both locals and they are investigating to see what happened, but I'm not sure what I should I have any right to try to get those vacation weeks as paychecks, or will that just result in me having to pay 2 and a half years worth of back dues?

    What do you guys think?
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    The vacations and dues are two separate things. Vacations are paid by the company and you pay your union dues through payroll deduction.

    Article 23 of the NMA states: "Upon quitting, the Employer shall pay all money due to the employee on the payday in the week following such quitting." If you were going to be paid for those vacation weeks it would have been on 3/30. It sounds as though this did not happen so I suggest that you call your former supervisor to inquire about this.