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    NOw here is a democrat I would vote for again, and again. I saw what he did for this community. I saw what he did for the people, personally. But he peeved the IRS, and anyone else who was wrong, and he got the big weeny & yrs in prison, now hes out. I hope he hasnt lost his spark. I feel he was treated unfairly for what they "proved" he did. If this guy was in Congress still which local polls show if he ran he would win 95 to 5, it would be entertaining if nothing else. He knew how to run a railroad, and we would not be getting railroaded, if he was still there.

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    We love you
    We are glad you are home
    and we need you now more than ever.

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    This is what OUR government can do. Be afraid .

    Whether he was guilty or not so much, we need fighters like this on both sides and we have a bunch of losers. Lets now prosecute Chris Dodd, and Barney Frank for bringing down the housing market and causing all the economic collapse that followwed. This guy, My Jimbo, did nothing of that proportion.
    And exactly as he said 7 yrs ago, we hate and distrust our government.
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    I'm guessing you'd feel safer with this guy speaking to our school children than our current President...:happy-very:
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    His one minute speeches before the house were always barn burners with his ever so famous "Beam Me Up!" He was/is a democrat by party but his actions were one of true independent regardless of party. And with out further ado, I give you the infamous "One Minute Speeches of James Traficant!"

    And if you thought this was something new

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    BTW Tooner: I posted this yesterday (Thursday) morning so no use having 2 threads on the same subject. Go ahead and delete my thread and leave yours since you posted several more vids. of Traficant. I started to post those as well but just decided the one was a good opener. Thanks for posting the others and thanks for voting to send James to Washington. I didn't always agree but he always got in the face of Washington DC with just straight up ole "blue collar" common sense and I always admired that. I'd roll in delight even if I disagreed every time he'd utter those infamous words, "BEAM ME UP!" GOD I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!

    Traficant was very outspoken against the IRS as the video above portrays and like former Idaho Congressman George Hansen who dare expose the IRS in Congress and to the public in his book, "To Harass Our People" and Ron Paul in resigning from the republican party in 1987' even spoke of Hansen in his resignation letter.

    Ultimately Hansen's innocense prevailed before the Supreme Court but at what cost to an innocent man who dare speak out to power and for the little guy? BTW: All you flat taxers and Fair Taxers owe a great debt to George as it was he in the early 80's who dare propose a flat tax and ending the whole filing and record keeping process of taxation in this country. George opened a door that forced a whole new way of discussion and now I see radio talk show hosts profitting from the sacrifice without once ever giving credit.

    Ahead of you deleting the "Truth to Power" thread, I will pull over one link from it and it is from Wednesday's LRC blog celebrating Traficant's release.

    Heroic James Traficant Freed!

    Thanks again for posting the vids.
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    I don't know what Jim has planned but he may be more effective (more vocal with less pressure to play the party political rules, not that it stopped him) out of office than when he was in. He has no reason now to not just blow the lid off the hypocracy and corruption that he saw day in and day out. I hope at some point like Hansen that he's vindicated by a higher court if for no other reason than to piss off the people that gloried in his fall!
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    Hey Tooner

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    God Bless you Tooner!

    I would have posted this but it just looked to scary.:happy-very:

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    I will be there at Firestone Park!
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    Extremely disappointed by the interview on Greta.
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    But he bounces back at the Columbiana tea party, Im still looking for part 2
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    He raised some interesting points with Greta, some very often not so tasteful a subject in our world. However, one only need go back to Dec. 2001' in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks and look at FoxNews and 4 reports done by Carl Cameron. Is it possible Traficant may have some real substance to what he's saying or what he's not said yet!

    Now nothing definitive is proven by this one way or the other and after these reports, FoxNews didn't visit the subject again. In fact, Fox News, Carl Cameron specifically and then ABC News in 2002' doing a similar but separate story on domestic Israeli operations were hit hard with strong pressure to put the cobash on the nosey media efforts. As revealed in a 2007' story from Counterpunch:

    What Did Israel Know in Advance of the 9/11 Attacks?


    Even the Sunday Herald in Scotland raised serious questions about our ally in the Middle East. And from Le Monde in Paris we have this:

    FoxNews may not fear democrats, liberals or the Obama adminstration but it sure seems they might fear others! But even the Jewish Daily "Forward" reported much of this story so it's important to discern between true honest citizens and rogue actors who are using power and the state for pure self interests. Even one of our local weekly papers was in the eye of the storm exposing this issue back in March 2002 and it was this paper's editor who leaked the info to Justin Raimondo at Antiwar.com that began the cascade across the internet at the time.

    As I said, what Traficant suggested may not be comfortable but I think we need to distinguish between a State appartus or some using such from it's general citizen population and more specific, it's general population of people and their customs and social, moral and religious ways. Like most societies with extreme elements within, even rogue actors among it's govt's, these elements are most often exceptions and not the rule when it comes to the non political connected general population.

    A voice worthy of our friendship and support.
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    Part 2 Columbiana county tea party
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    Who can disagree?