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    Your real Christmas present from Fred will come after the holidays, but he's giving you one of them early, and that's your new CIGNA Dental Card, which should be in the mail shortly.

    Your restorative dental work will now (effective 1-1-13) only be covered at 50%, which means crowns, bridges etc. I had earlier been given information that fillings would also be at 50%, but that was incorrect. Wow, another takeaway on top of all the others. How does Fred do it? God, he is SO effing good to us.

    According to Engineering, 65.2% of crowns result from eating hard candy or nuts so the NHCON (No Hard Candy Or Nuts) Program has been implemented to save employees money. This also means that FedEx is now a nut-free zone. So, if you're found eating hard candy or nuts OR have them on your person or in your truck, it is an Unsafe Act.

    The first offense will be an OLCC, and your 50% dental benefit will become zero...all on you. Progressive discipline will ensue thereafter, and termination could eventually result.

    Merry Christmas form the company that cares. Why not call-in sick now and get your dental care performed under the old MetLife Plan? That would be the smart move.


    You don't have to be a NUT to work here...BUT IT HELPS! :cool:
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    Our management is like a granola bar... What ain't fruits and nuts is flakes.
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    I dumped dental and went on my wifes plan.
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    Exactly what FedEx wants.
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    Going along with you for the sake of it... They've reduced your retirement, dental plan, medical plan, took money after the banking crash back and did things like knowingly charging for residential fees to commercial customers (I've heard falsification at Fedex is A1 no-no and immediate termination) and more I'm sure I'm forgetting. It sounds as if bean counters at your company know something very ugly that has kicked in all the negatives.

    Just wish auditors were honest and competent, because your company is reporting record profits trying to whore itself to Wall Street.
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    Falsification is only "A1 no-no" for hourlies. Management falsifies all the time, especially at the local level. FedEx managers live and die by reports, and if upper management got serious about actually checking the veracity of said reports, we would have very few managers left.
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    And, all it takes to add on a resi surcharge at a comm. stop is for the CRR to hit the wrong button of two. I do it all the time in both directions. Who cares?
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    The day may come when FedEx Express is known for it's employees with bad teeth.
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    I believe they call that "GROUND"....
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    Think Austin Powers wearing purple and orange.
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    Yeah, Baaaaby!! I shagged that Italian bird royal!! Just watched it a few days ago.

    My favorite scene is when Dr. Evil is in his "Dr No" plastic suit, and it's so slippery that he can hardly stand up. I wonder if Fred has something similar?


    The Cigna PPO benefits has also been reduced, and employees are now left to pay more out of pocket. Not only the monthly premiums have increased, the co-pay for an Specialist visit went from $45.00 to $50.00. Individual Deductible for the year 2013 has also gone up $200., (from $300 to $500), while the Family Deductible went from $900 to a whooping $1,500. or a mere 66.7% increase! What a cheek!!!
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    That's one of those movies where so much is going on you really have to watch it several times. Still love him saying he'd demand ONE MILLION DOLLARS and they all start snickering.
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    and don't forget the dentist you've come to love, probably doesn't take Cigna (ours doesn't, so now we have to shop)... thanks a lot FedEx
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    dont eat nuts eat bolts..tell them to pound sand and pay your dental bill
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    CIGNA has great providers, educated at the finest dental universities, like the University of Tijuana, the University of Congo, and Almagamated Welders and Pipefitters 101 from Moscow (for steel teeth).
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    fat fingers. sorry
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    No excuse. You'll need to go on the Finger Improvement Program (FIP), which will mimimize input mistakes.