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    After the dry year last year for many parts of the country, at least in the west this is good news. Even our rainfall here in the south has picked up a bit as our nearest water impound back in Sept. was said to be within 90 days of being dry but now we are at full winter pool. No Scratch, not Lanier but Altoona! My brother lives on Lanier and tells me jokingly, any day his dock will be floating again!

    Things are looking better going into spring but there is one thing if all goes well that I will miss from last year. I think in all of that I might have mowed my grass 6 to 8 times but cutting 3/4 acre with a self propelled is great exercise.

    Honey! Honey! You know you've been saying you want that figure you had when you were 20? Well do I have a deal for you!
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    Thats good to hear, I was wondering how those of you in the south were going to survive if your water supplies dried up. I too enjoyed last summer as the drought caused me to only have to mow my grass once a month or so versus just about every week the summer before.
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    Riding Mowers[​IMG] Now how can you turn down this puppy ? You can even accessorize it with a beer can holder and a Mexican Sombrero. Forget about the figure, just tell the wife there's more of you to love !
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    Just like a feeder driver! If you can't do a job sitting on your arse and turning a steering wheel, it just won't get done!

    Hey, where's the CB radio and CD player?
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    Except if I ran out of alchohol !
    Tuesday, January 29, 2008
    Man driving lawnmower in snowstorm arrested for DWI

    Adrian, MI

    Nothing runs like a Deere...
    Some residents of Adrian may have done a double take Saturday night if they saw a man operating a lawnmower down the center of the road during a snowstorm.

    When Frank Kozumplik, 49, ran out of booze at home and found that his wife had taken their car to work, he decided to drive his only other motorized vehicle, a lawnmower, to the liquor store which was about two miles away.

    Police said Kozumplik had consumed two bottles of wine and had a blood alcohol content of over .20, more than twice the legal limit when they found him driving his John Deere tractor down the center of the street, en route home after he had purchased four more bottles of wine at the local liquor store.

    Kozumplik was charged with driving while intoxicated. Police impounded his lawnmower.

    Back to thread.....We still here in so fl are still under water restrictions. Even when we are effected directly by rain in our area our main concern is more rain needed over lake ockeechobee which has record low levels. The lake not only is the source of our aquafirs but also feeds water thru the river of grass "the everglades" and helps regulate our canal levels and drainage.