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  1. Pip

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    This doesn't really have any importance as such, other then the novelity of it.

    During a break we were outside having a smoke with a couple of the other guys and a couple part time sups. The one sup mentioned that one of his guys was off a couple days and asked him to get a Doctors note to cover the days off.

    Well the young guy brought a note in this evening from his mother stating that he was sick with the flu and couldn't work for a couple days.

    The poor sup said it was all he could do to keep a straight face when handed the note. We all got a chuckle out of it, and thought it was definately original to say the least. :lol:
  2. CTOTH

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    That's pretty good, but do they really expect us to pay to go see a doctor everytime we have a stomach bug or a sniffle.
    I mean if I don't feel I can give 100% due to an illness of some sort, I won't be in. Period. It actually saves them money because they aren't paying me to do a half-a**ed job and there's no chance I could give it to another employee.
    He probably said "F*** that, I'm not going to the doctor and this will have to do."
    Personally, I would show up with out anything but to each his own.
  3. toonertoo

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    In my area you dont need a note from the doc, unless you have been off 3 days. Thats pretty fair, ainyone sick for three days needs to see someone, ER or otherwise. JMHO

    And Mom doesnt work, unless she is a doctor.
  4. upsdude

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    I had a sup once with an outstanding sense of humor. The area had been experiencing awful weather (cold, snow, freezing rain). I brought him a letter from my mother explaining she didn’t allow me to stay out in that type of weather for long periods of time. We still get a laugh out of that every time I see him.
  5. Well, my boss tried that with me when I went to the dentist.

    I wrote the number down, and say call him yourself and ask.

    Like I would fake an emergency root canal...
  6. hungrydude5

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    hahahaha, you'd guys have a BLAST in my center. Like....seriously. You would. We're on the local sort reload There's this one guy, kid.....kid actually, 20 years old i think and I'm sittin there in the OMS/Dispatch office waiting for start time, and the OMS gets a call from this lady and she gives me this look and I'm like..."what's wrong?" and she tells me to go get my sup who's outside lowering the trailer (Because of the gay yard control **** that no employees except sup's aren't allowed outside to lower trailers, get carts etc"). So i yelled for him and he came inside. Took the call, it was the kids mom calling off for him. This was....like...literally 5 minutes before the shift. We all made fun of him. He deserves it tho, he really does. Cuz one day, i was sorting the smalls bins and he was scanning the belt into the trailer and he picks up this package, and with all seriousness he asks me "What does NE mean....New England?" I gave him this blank stare and said "are you ****ing serious?" And he just stares at me and i'm like "just give it to me and leave me alone" THEN sometimes, when there is only 1 package car to unload on the belt he'll ask me "So what truck to i get next" when he's standing right next the only package car in the building. Everynight its something different.....i could write a book, lol.
  7. hoser

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    who said you had to give a note for paid sick days? i use mine when i feel like going to the bar instead of work. no questions asked.
  8. CTOTH

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    My sup tried to tell me that when I called in sick for the first time. He told me he'd need a doctor's note. I said OK. Showed up the next day without one. When he asked I said I didn't have one. That was that.
  9. hungrydude5

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    yea, i mean......its time to start work.....you dont have an excuse.....no time to call in somebody, what are they gonna do? Tell you not to work so they dont hit their numbers? Some sups are cool some arent. Im lucky, i have a sup that is the age of everyone on my shift (20-25) so he's upber cool with everyone and everything yet he still hits his numbers and gets the job done, he's an awesome sup.
  10. CTOTH

    CTOTH Not retired, just tired

    Yeah, I got hired in a different center a few months back and my new sup is awesome. Like you said some are cool and some aren't depends on the guy. If he's an a-hole outside of work, chances are pretty good he'll be one at work too.
  11. toonertoo

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    Hoser, not all of us get paid sick days. In my district we get "ZERO"
  12. spidey

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    You only need a note if you are off for 3 days or more. I think that's totally reasonable. We have health insurance, even the part timers. If you're that sick, it makes sense to go to the doctor. Unless you're in Vegas with your mistress or in jail (both things people have called in "sick" for) go get your note, your antibiotics and come work like the rest of us.
  13. MoparMan

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    Can anyone show me where in the contract it says we need a doctors note? I was out for 5 days in a row after peak last year, my sup asked for a note and said I'd be getting a warning letter. neither ever happened. Maybe different supplements have language for a doctors note.
  14. speeddemon

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    This aint friggin grammar school. If I say Im not coming in, I AINT!!!