well i had my tour of the facility this morn....

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by upsguy019, Sep 10, 2007.

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    Like the title says i had my tour of the facility this morning and i was pretty shocked on how well i was greeted and taken in by most of the people that worked there. They definitely left a positive thought in my mind for possibly getting a job there as a p/t package handler.

    After reading all the "hate" on how people are treated and what not - i was very surprised to see how welcomed i was in the facility. I guess having a fairly smaller hub compared to the bigger ones in the state helps a bit with how hard management is on the people. But truthfully it really didn't seem that bad as i thought it would be.
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    Welcome to browncafe upsguy019, post often, enjoy the site, it has much to offer.

    UPS people are excellent people, I have met few bad ones. They are generally hard working, fun loving, exuberant people. Dont get the impression that it is a workforce filled with hate. Management and hourly alike are good people, the system is basically what we rail against. Not the people. It can be a great place to work, and the best quality to have is a sense of urgency, if you have that work ethic, the rest falls together, and you will soon be one of us!
    Again, welcome and let us know how it goes:)
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    We don't usually attack people on tours. I am in a larger hub and everyone is nice here too. If you start working for UPS you will see that things can get a bit ugly at times but don't take it personal. Good luck to you!
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    tell me if you still feel the same way after you get the job.:wink:
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    I agree with Tooner- Ups people are some of the best people I know. I would fight for most of them and it's a brotherhood that cannot be explained. It is the system that is derailing the train; It's a good damn thing we have the kind of people we do to offset the damage that the system is doing.
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    On the clock - it sucks and I hate all the supes... Off the clock - pretty nice people...

    Co workers will either have your back and help or be ready to stab you in the back... Be nice to everyone until you know who is who and you will be driving in three to five years...
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    So what's your mating ritual like? Do you start by rubbing your shoe against the guy in the next stall?:lol:
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    Now now this isnt an airport in minnesota and im pretty sure none of us are senators.:tongue_sm:lol:
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    Ok, rod brought it up and now I have a question.......if a guy is in the stall with his trousers down around his ankles, how in heaven's name does he make a "wide stance"? Wouldn't the pant's material limit his distance?

    Sorry, but I wonder about the physics of the whole ritual.........:blushing: