Well It's Labor Day

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    tis labor day my friend and like every holiday , we do the opposite of the what the day names as well as its intention.
    I choose not to labour in the field of thine links
    I choose to wallow in my ignorance, I prefer not to think

    New Years day
    a time for changing our ways
    yet the day before,
    we give into them even more
    and the god Janus makes us Pay

    St valentine's day
    a time to practice love of the highest order
    yet we chose to spend
    with resources seemingly without end
    on love bordering on disorder

    St Patrick's Day
    named after the man who drove out the snakes
    Yet in honour of him
    we give into sin
    and end up with the shakes

    Day of Easter
    the day of the feaster
    we thank God for such a spring day
    yet we give no thought
    as we ought
    about the one
    who for our sins did pay

    Memorial day
    it is sad to say
    it makes my heart upset
    yet it is plain to see
    at least to me
    it is a day we remember
    to forget

    Independence Day
    the Fourth of july
    sadly the independence
    is just a lie
    bombs burst in the air
    with the rockets red glare
    yet the rockets that fly
    are bought from a country whose finances are so much finer
    who in truth own our debts, the country known as China

    Labour day
    What can I say?
    I may sound like a jerk
    But never me mind
    I dare you to find
    a soul hard at work

    Hallow's eve
    it is my peeve
    to have to say
    that it is a day
    that in deed
    is not hallowed
    not at all indeed.

    Day of Thanksgiving
    I say with misgiving
    how grateful can one truly be?
    when one's stomach is filled
    with quantities that make one ill
    It can be a misery

    Day Christ was born
    man freed us from our debts
    But we are more forlorn
    on that I can bet
    for come January
    Janus must once more be paid
    for gifts that were not necessary
    for the loved ones at whose feet they were laid