Well Thanks for Nothing Republicans and Bush Worshippers

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Nov 17, 2008.

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    I told you, told you, told you and you defended ever Bush action as though from the hand of God. You threw caution to the wind under the excuse that your mostly self generated fear outside rational thought justify Bush pushing gov't to that level.

    Personally I hope you get your worse nightmare and it can't come soon enough IMHO! You may yet learn that your biggest fear never was Osama bin Laden or some other foreign terrorist. The biggest terrorist you will come to understand will be a smiling face, wearing a US flag lapel pin and saying, "Hi, I'm with the gov't and I'm here to help!"

    Thanks for nothing!

  2. Monkey Butt

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    No, it's like this:
    The biggest terrorist you will come to understand will be a smiling face, wearing a US flag lapel pin and saying, "Hi, I'm with the I.E. Dept and I'm here to help!"
  3. wkmac

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    :happy-very: Yeah, I'm not sure who God will be harder on in heaven, IRS agents or UPS IE managers! Word is God has to deal with them because Satan absolutely refused to allow either in. Wouldn't risk harming the quality of Hell's neighborhoods!


    Even Lucifer has some standards.
  4. tieguy

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    There is that cat on top of the fence again................

    What do you want me to say. I supported Bush . I still support Bush. I think his legacy of accomplishments will much kinder to him then todays press. Like any other president he had his positives and negatives.

    His greatest legacy may end up being the middle east. If ten to twenty years from now the middle east region has been permenently stabalized then GW will have to get his credit for having the courage and conviction to go into Iraq.

    Has anyone thought about what the middle east would be like now with Sadaam still in power in Iraq and that wack job running Iran? Its very likely that those two would have tangled and thrown the whole world into turmoil.

    Bush should knock ahmadinejad off as his parting gift to the world.
  5. tieguy

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    In response to the second part of your post Obama is all that you describe and more. Whether he retains such lofty credentials is up to him. He is my president and I will support him where I can but I'm not overly impressed at this point that he has promised change but yet is not showing any innovation in his appointees. Hillary as secretary of state was clearly negotiated before the clintons threw in their support of Obama. that would be known as politics as usual not a change in politcs.
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    Everything will be great in Washington now.Smooth sailing ahead.It will be unbelieveable....Put on your seat belt in case of small pockets of turblence ahead....oh no ..things are breaking down...enjoy the show..Our next four years!...LOL
  7. diesel96

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    Mission accomplished.......Like the li'l old lady in The movie "Poltergeist"
    ...."This House is Clean"

    Hey wKMAC....I'm mean "V".....Check out Bush's backward sprint to the finish...

    Here's a rundown on the changes Bush wants to make as he heads out the door. These are initiatives that kick in in 60 days, and so it is difficult for a new president to reverse them if Bush approves them soon enough.

    - Cutting medicaid
    - Allowing abortion denials for moral or religious objections

    - Allowing mining near the Grand Canyon
    - Discounting global warming when assessing species risks
    - Weakening the Endangered Species Act
    - Eliminating review of fishing regulations
    - Allowing more emissions from power plants
    - Opening protected land to energy development
    - Allowing factory farms to self-regulate waste
    - Altering solid waste definition

    - Allowing guns in national parks
    - Allowing broader law-enforcement monitoring

    - Making it harder to take time off
    - Allowing truckers to work 14 hour days

    - Moving political appointees to permanent posts

    Its not over till the fat lady with the pearl necklace grabs him by his ear lobe on Jan 20, and drags him back to Texas......
  8. chev

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    :sick::surprised: Noooooo! Not you tie. :whiteflag::sad-very: You've gone to the "dark" side. Oh mercy me! All is lost!........:laughing::raspberry-tounge:
  9. chev

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    Kinda like Clinton only it was a fat lady in a blue dress and a cigar. :laughing:
  10. over9five

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    What do they call those? Midnight Laws, I think.

    Clinton has the record with like 26,000 new pages of Midnight Laws.
  11. over9five

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    - Allowing truckers to work 14 hour days

    I noticed this, too. As we can already work 14 hour days, I take it to mean he wants us to be able to drive 14 hours?
  12. wkmac

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    I wonder how much of that he's doing with the stroke of a pen via executive orders? Just building further the solidity of the Unitary Executive and now the question begs, will Obama "CHANGE" much of that or even other abuses of the unitary executive theory?

    I'd rather bet on GM or Ford hitting new alltime stock highs over the next year than to take betting on that!


    One way to no longer hear the cat is to close one's window!
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