Well the "Scum" are out here now

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by dannyboy, Sep 10, 2005.

  1. dannyboy

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    Actually, they were here before. But now the pan handlers are waving cardboard signs stating they are cane survivors that are stranded and need help.

    Takes a real scum bag to try and con people out of money using a disaster like NEw Orleans.

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    Careful you are going to get the cheney worshipers after you?

    You were referring to Haliburton, etc, right?
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    No he wasnt dipstick.
  4. dannyboy

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    I was refering to the scum that wish to make money because of the cane in New Orleans.

    They are out off the interstate claiming to be out of cash, broke down, without food and water, wanting to get to family in Richmond.

    Which are all lies.

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    Speaking of scum.....

    Massachusetts has taken in several hundred New Orleans hurricane victims, housing them at a large base on Cape Cod. Trouble is, we're now finding out how many of them have police records. And the biggest uproar is that several are sex offenders.

    Welcome to the neighborhood. New Orleans problems become everybodys.
  6. ok2bclever

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    speed, always can count on you to be as dense as lead.

    Danny, yeah, 99.9% of "will work for food" people are just lazy, dishonest scum.

    I am just not happy about Haliburton being automatically assigned the contracts in America, just like they were in Iraq.

    As a small businessman I am sure you can agree that this form of nepotism isn't good for the country or free enterprise.
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    No I do not agree that is the way contracts should be let. But seeing as time is of the essence, geterdone and worry bout the fall out later. The supply of gas is a national concern and the restoration of that supply is critical to keep the economy going. Without, the economy will tank making the cane disaster worse than it allready is.

    "Danny, yeah, 99.9% of "will work for food" people are just lazy, dishonest scum"

    But when they use something like NO as a way to pad their pockets, that makes what they do even more dispicable.

    One of the more fun things I ever did on road was took a piece of cardboard and put "I do} work for food" and put in on the dash in front of the steering wheel. IT got a lot of positive attention.


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    Hey OK2BC,
    That's just big gov't (neither right nor left as they both do it) and how it operates. I know, you think laws can be passed to prevent this right? Well who are the very folks in Washington writting and passing the laws to begin with? Part of me wants to tell you to sit down and shut the hell up and accept it as this is what you want to begin with but I won't.

    I will tell you that your statement above is dead on and I'm not happy with it either. This is another example of federalism in the form of a modified title of nobility IMO.

    Heard a story on the news last night of Identity thief now taking place in the Katrina hit areas. I know the death penalty doesn't apply to this kind of thief but it would if I were King for a day!
  9. ok2bclever

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    You are misrepresenting me.

    There is a far difference from believing the republicans represent me less than the dems and being for big government.

    Yes, I think bush is and always has been a simple,loyal puppet for the neocons and heck, as it turns out he is far more big government than most current dems.

    But it matters not how badly he handles anything to his idolizers, so I go by the "this to shall pass" philosophy and hope the next guy, regardless of party is a whole lot more intelligent and turns the country around from the imperialistic, fiscally irresponsible "none of this will bother my rich friends" policies that we are now enduring.

    I believe the philosophical differences between you and I are closer to the difference between an realist and a dreamer, than anything else.

    Granted, it's far more fun to take your stance and be able to criticize, look down your nose and "I told you so", etc all the time regardless of which party screws up, because your party has never had any power or capabilities and is likely never to have them, but at the end of the day that and three bucks might get you a gallon of gas.

    I know, I know, ya got to start some place and for that I understand and even agree.
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    Dboy said:
    But when they use something like NO as a way to pad their pockets, that makes what they do even more despicable[sp].

    Follow the money. Look into the mortuary contract for Katrina and google for funeralgate, for starters.

    Follow YOUR money. Be a smart businessman.
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    clever, I would never dream of letting you down..