Went to driving school a month ago

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    Ive worked the preload for 6 years and finally decided to go driving bc im tired of working two jobs to make ends meet. I signed the TCD bid sheet to get on the road asap. They rushed me into driving school and i passed but since ive came back ive been getting the run around. Its been a little over a month n i have no problem being patient but their excuse is people w/ more seniority are complaining about not being trained on a route.
    The driver sup has told me to bring my browns several times and just totally backs out of it everyday after i report to him. I want to file a grievance but after working there for this long i know that they will retaliate and make it impossible to make it thru my 30 probation period. I know other ppl have had this experience just want some advice
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    I also recently signed the FT driver bid sheet and i kno that its not too many ppl in the building w/ more seniority that wanna drive
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    Is it a FT gig you signed?

    Temporary Cover Driver here means PT and means as needed basis.
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    You will be driving during peak for sure. Dont quit your second job, TCD is not a good paying gig.
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    Erm you have no 30 day period. You're a TCD. Temporary_cover_driver. I agree that if you're looking to go driving once a full time slot opens probably not best to rock the boat at this point but you are entitled to pay if you report as scheduled.
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    and if there are people with more seniority waiting to be trained or drivers with seniority laid off, you have nothing to grieve.
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    I went to school for PT TCD but a FT bid for package car driver was recently put up in the midst of me waiting to go out and complete my 30 days. Im just waiting it out and as far as seniority goes in the building im near the top of the list as far as ppl who actually want to drive
  8. barnyard

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    "near the top" means there are people with more seniority that have rights to work that you do not.
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    Okay, you don't understand the system. To go from part time inside to full time driver, you don't sign a FT driver bid that pops up during the year...you sign the list in January and you are selected from that list. The FT driver bids that get posted are not for part time employees. They are bidding the route for other drivers who want to change routes or for full time employees who want to go out on the road.

    If there was a full time permanent cover driver who won the posted bid you're referring to, then that might open up a permanent cover driver slot in which case they could call the next person on the list that was posted in January.
  10. barnyard

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    In my building, there is not list. Each job is posted to bid on. If there are 3 PT to FT jobs being bid, 3 bid sheets are hung.
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    In my building UPS would decide how many new drivers they need and take the top from a single bid sheet. If some of the top people get DQ'ed for things like driving record or some other reason the the next higher on the list move up.
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    Thanks for clearing it up im not here to argue just want to grasp understanding
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    Weird. Good to know.
  14. barnyard

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    If a driver is DQd, the next person on the bid sheet gets it. If there are not any qualified people that sign, an outside person is hired.

    We had a hiring spree 5ish years ago. Several inside people signed, but were DQd, 2 could not pass DOT physicals, 1 lost his license less than a year before due to an unpaid parking ticket and another for some reason that seemed stupid, but I can't remember it now. Ended up hiring 5 off the street that year.

    At my center, rather than posting a master sheet at some point in the year and some people potentially missing it, 1 bid at a time is hung, as the job is open. When a bid is hung in my building someone is going to be working FT fairly soon.
  15. Orion Syndicate

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    Here they post FT bids year round, as needed.

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  16. TooTechie

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    Weird. Thought it was that way everywhere.
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    Same here
    My hub got rid of the yearly list

    Alot of the pt here did not know this

    Last winter I heard a bid sheet went up for full time drivers. no pt did not bid because they did not know

    Guess who the jobs went to? Lol the seasonal drivers