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  1. cobra77

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    Does any body out here work at that center need some info please. i heard the are putting a 2 sort in there and i want to know if anybody has info on this. If it going to be a temporary sort or stay there? Going to talk to them to day about a job in feeders just wanting some info. Thanks
  2. superballs63

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    If you're going in there today to talk about a job, maybe they'd be the best people to ask.

    Typically if they add a sort, they aren't just doing it for a little while
  3. barnyard

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    Or call your local union hall.
  4. upschuck

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    They are leasing an extra building, and installing all the equipment, supposedly for Dec here.
  5. toonertoo

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    Check ups.com/ careers, see in they are hiring there?
  6. Austin.Was.My.Hero

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    I believe its permanent. Will try to remember and find out tomorrow.
  7. That will be to easy.
  8. Austin.Was.My.Hero

    Austin.Was.My.Hero quod erat demonstrandum

    Not sure if calling your union hall makes it too easy.
  9. Okay
  10. barnyard

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    I disagree.

    I needed to find something out about a bid. I called the hall and instead of asking for our BA, I asked for, "the person that knows the most about the UPS contract." I was connected with my BA (whom I have met, pretty sure he recognized me, as I did introduce myself) and asked my question. He answered, we discussed a couple of scenarios that would make it happen and were done.

    Took less than 3 minutes.

    Those that do not think they can get an answer by calling their union, have never taken the time to pick up the phone.
  11. cobra77

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    Thanks guys they say it seasonal did a road test to day. Austin thanks any info helps. Just hard to leave full time job for seasonal job with no benefits. I know you heard this all before.
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  12. Mugarolla

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    West Carrollton OH is adding a permanent night sort. They are the talk of the district. They have exhausted all package drivers wanting to go into feeders and are hiring off the street and part timers to fill the jobs needed. They are also hiring seasonal, November to December feeder drivers.

    Amazon has come to town. They expect to be up and running October 1. Sharonville cannot handle the volume they have, Kohls, Groupon, Staples etc. let alone a brand new Amazon facility. So West Carrollton is adding a permanent night sort. I thought I heard they needed 10 to 15 permanent feeder drivers.

    Don't know how long if will last though. Rumor has it that UPS may build a super mega hub in Hebron KY. This would probably eliminate the need for a West Carrollton night sort. Time will tell.
  13. AndUPSER

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    I think the Hebron mega hub is more for Cincinnati (Gest Street) who have been giving all of their stuff to Sharonville.
  14. Mugarolla

    Mugarolla Light 'em up!

    Cincinnati is going bye bye. Highway is going to be redone.

    Anyway, Hebron would take alot of Sharonville's volume. Sharonville would then need to take West Carrollton's volume.

    The same way Toledo took Livonia's volume. Sharonville is a small hub. West Carrollton is a center. Hebron trumps Sharonville. Sharonville trumps West Carrollton. Bye bye West Carrollton night sort.
  15. Future

    Future Victory Ride

    I much prefer East Carrollton Ohio.....much more to do and see there!
  16. ChickenLegs

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    Kudos to your BA who actually picks up the phone
  17. Austin.Was.My.Hero

    Austin.Was.My.Hero quod erat demonstrandum

    Isn't their another hub around Huber Heights?

    No I didn't search yet. I thought the Dayton area had two with WC being the largest.
  18. Mugarolla

    Mugarolla Light 'em up!

    There is one south of Huber Heights. It is not a hub, it is a center. Dayton. About half the size of West Carrollton. Have not heard of any jobs going in there. Heard they were supposed to have a day sort for peak, but plans were scrapped. I believe all the volume will be going to West Carrollton. That is why they need to hire 10-15 feeder drivers and 50-75 part timers for the added night sort.