West Chester, Pa Hub Tours???

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    I had to drop some packages off from work tonight, already got our daily pickup but still had boxes to get out to customers.

    Anyway I've never been to any hub before, just the small stores. And what I could see I thought was amazing, just the logistics of everything astonished me. From pulling in seeing trucks in line getting fuel, to the trucks I could see inside, and to the automated stuff I could hardly see when the employee door opened. I've seen specials on TV about the main hub in KY and all, but never seen any kind in person.

    SO does anyone know if it's at all possible to do some sort of tour of the facility??? Just happened to stumble upon this site and figured it couldn't hurt to ask.

    And you guys all do a great job. I always ship UPS also, either at work (I have a choice of sending orders via fed-ex. I always go ups unless the customer requests fed-ex or something). And for my personal use for ebay and such.

  2. SnowCitizen

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    I think the only way is for you to apply for a job and be invited to tour the building. The purpose of the tour is to show people how hard the work is and have them change their mind before they waste more time and resources. At the end of the tour you could then say you are no longer interested in applying.

    Other than that I don't think they allow people in the buildings.
  3. SnowCitizen

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    Or you could love it so much you end up with a second job!
  4. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Call your account exec and ask him if it is possible for you to get a tour of the facility.

    I would personally love to be able to tour WorldPort but I have been told that they generally do not give tours, even to employees.
  5. tre305

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    maybe someone can answer this for me. since worldport is a 24 hour operation, i assume they have a preload and reload but what do they call the shifts in between that if anything? i wonder if they're anything like our local airport operation, if they have a seperate buildings (one where they unload the planes and another building nearby that actually sorts everything. how many unloads do they have? how many package cars do they put out daily? thats if they run everything from right there. just some stuff i was always curious about with bigger hubs.

    the only big hub ive ever been to was our nearby hialeah hub and they're layout was so damn confusing. first time i ever saw a box line and it looks like it makes stuff so much easier vs using belts to move packages. didnt get to see the operation in action but it was pretty cool.
  6. rod

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    Ask to see the Center Manager. If you catch him in a good mood (good luck with that) he just might give you the 25 cent tour--but probably not when there is an actual sort in progress. Its way too hectic then and he will be hiding under his desk in his office so he don't have to make any decisions. Wait until the sort is over and the drivers have left the building--then if you can catch him before he disappears for the day you may be in luck.
  7. GoForBroke

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    Ask your account rep for a tour, they usually will accomodate you. world port gives tour to employees every night at midnight, you just have to ask.
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    Welcome back!
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    Some West Chester facts:
    5 acres under one roof
    4 centers
    250 full time delivery drivers dispatched on an average day (numbers may be lower do to cutting trips)
    65,000PLUS packages are sorted and sent out for delivery a day (numbers may be higher)
    60,000PLUS packages picked up and sorted into trailers every day (numbers may be higher)
    400PLUS part time workers
    Over 5 miles of belts move packages in the building
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    So I am finishing up school in California and going to be transferring back home to west chester in the summer. I was wondering if anyone knows about how long it takes to become a driver at the west chester hub?
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    Be sure to visit the rewrap area. Chock full of interesting stuff.
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    no less than a few weeks!
  14. clean hairy

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    Only other means to get a tour is if a mega-business is looking to switch to UPS and they will be spending tens of milions a year, then I believe the Company would happily give a tour.
  15. platinum9898

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    Ask for a tour when they are giving tours to part time applicants or just apply for part time your self.
  16. clean hairy

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    Just hope it is not a 3 hour tour, and if a guy named Gilligan is your tour guide, you might want to pass.
  17. clean hairy

    clean hairy Well-Known Member

    Just hope it is not a 3 hour tour, and if a guy named Gilligan is your tour guide, you might want to pass.