West PA supplement....VOTE NO AGAIN!

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by badsporh, Dec 2, 2007.

  1. badsporh

    badsporh He who is not with us, is against us.

    I really hope that everybody here in West PA knows that we need to vote this supplement down again. Right now we have the power to force UPS and the TEAMSTERS to negotiate in OUR best interest for once. Please do not throw away this oportunity. We may never have this chance again. TEAMSTERS/UPS went back to their faux negotiating table for appearances only. They made some useless nonsensical changes to the supplement and are ALL READY throwing it back in our face for a vote! There were no meetings called or attempts made to find out what was on the Rank and Files minds as to why we voted this supplement down. You know why? They fully expect it to pass by merely regurgitating the same crap they put out the first time. WE NEED TO REDOUBLE OUR EFFORTS and ensure that we get a 2nd no vote. Do not let them scare you by telling you that a no vote is a strike authorization vote. There is NOWAY on Gods green earth that UPS will let any kind of strike happen without fully investigating what they can do to avert it. They have not done that yet, because they do not believe we are serious.
  2. tieguy

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    Whats the issues in west pa? You guys have to be living like kings in that area of the country?
  3. You know instead of telling people how to vote why not instead put out some solid information and allow them to form their own opinion.
  4. badsporh

    badsporh He who is not with us, is against us.

    I think the UPS and Teamster propoganda machine has already disceminated their own brain washing tidalwave! Neither the Teamsters or UPS want anybody to live long enough to ultimately start cashing retirement checks.....that's why both keep pushing the age requirements back and increasing the penaltys for taking early retirement. As Twisted Sister said "We're Not Gunna Take It"! lol! Obviously EVERYBODY is capable of makin' their own decisions BluetoBrown, I never said they were not. But I WILL not acquiesce to your suggestion, it is my right to avail myself of free speech and attempt to sway anybody who does not want to fully investigate the minutia of the Teamster/UPS proposal. VOTE NO, VOTE NO, VOTE NO. Your NO votes will ultimately lead to a better life for you and your family. This is what I believe to be true!

  5. Yes, I agree and understand your point but if you take a look around the message board you will see a bit of redundacy and your thread is adding to it. And besides I am not affected by the West PA supplement.
  6. tieguy

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    thats great but as blue said why not tell us what proposals are in your supplement that make it different and less then other supplements?
  7. badsporh

    badsporh He who is not with us, is against us.

    I believe I mentioned one reason in particular why this supplement should be voted down. The proposal calls for a roll back of the age at which a part-timer may retire and receive full retirement benifits without penalty. It is proposed to be 10% penalty per each year too early that an employee should retire. Are you playing devils advocate? I assume you already knew of this language tieguy.
  8. tieguy

    tieguy Banned

    actually I don't. whats it say that you guys are objecting too. honestly so far all you 've said is vote no, no, no.
  9. badsporh

    badsporh He who is not with us, is against us.

    How can you quote my previous post in which I mention a specific provision, and then, pretend I didn't mention it and ASK me why I have not mentioned a specific provision? It seems that you are trying to muddy the waters, as if you have alterior motives. Are you intentionally disregarding the content of my previous posts as an ends to a means in an attempt to dilute my messege? It is not honest for you to assert that I have only thus far said "vote no, vote no, no, no". I will not let you get away with trying to intellectually prostitute my message. If that is not what you are trying to do, I apologize.
  10. tieguy

    tieguy Banned

    ok look if you don't know any of the specific details of the supplement you are protesting then just say so and leave quietly as most of you single issue posters do.
  11. badsporh

    badsporh He who is not with us, is against us.

    Ok look, I'm not your subordinate, and you don't tell me what to do. I can see that you're confused. That's normal for somebody who doesn't know that a comma goes after "ok look". You also apparently don't know that the "o" in "ok look" should be capitalized when it is the first word in a sentance. Your stupidity is quaint. It is going to be my pleasure to help spear head the ultimate second defeat in a row of this sham supplemental contract. It's people like you who make me redouble my efforts to make this defeat come to pass. You are an example of what is wrong with UPS. If you don't show up for work tomorrow or the next day or ever again, it would be addition by subtraction for UPS.
    The fact of the matter is, you don't care what any of the issues are. You, my dim witted friend, are just somebody, who obviously knew somebody, and because of this you are over employeed and under qualified.
    I eagerly await your next post, they are SO intellectually stimulating.
  12. tieguy

    tieguy Banned

    okie dokie. Guess you still don't know whats on the supplement. thought you might since you started this thread.Its been interesting watching you try to defeat something you don't know anything about.
  13. badsporh

    badsporh He who is not with us, is against us.

    Not as interesting as it's been for me to watch you disregard the element of the contract that I am upset with. Believe me, anybody that reads this thread will see that I DID say EXACTLY what I do not like in the supplemental proposal. You, for some odd reason, chose to ignore it. Wierd. Guess that's probably your thing on here. You don't seem to have much else to offer.
  14. badsporh

    badsporh He who is not with us, is against us.

    Do you see this? Does this look specific? Why can't you see this tieguy? Call your wife into the room and have her read it to you. Maybe that'll help!
  15. tieguy

    tieguy Banned

    Wow thats it? okie Dokie.
  16. BrownShark

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    The real question here BluetoBrown, is:

    "Why if this post was directed at members in his locals jurisdiction are you chiming in with a post for no apparent reason."

    Indeed, his problems are not your problems. Stay out of their business, they had the balls to shoot it down, they can deal with forcing their locals to negotiate what is in "their" best interests.

    Worry about yourself and your own locals efforts.

    Your yes vote was already counted, so mind your own business.


    FAVREFAN Member

    I would like to offer a vote of support to badsporh. His area was one of the few in the country with the common sense to vote this thing down.(Supplement) There really is no one specific reason, I'd say 40-50% of the National issues are sub-par this time around and I've been around 15+ years so don't say I am a "new" guy or have an "agenda". Hopefully his supplement can be corrected to gain back some of the takebacks. I just wanted to say good luck and I hope your supplement gives you guys a fair shake second time around.
  18. Mystakilla

    Mystakilla Who the *$#@ cares.

    I would have to agree with you badsporh, i received my ballot today in the mail and thought, W T F? they didnt even ask why we voted down or what we would like to see changed, they just mailed a new ballot out in hopes that we will make a "YES" vote!! Pfft....i dont think so.

    Matter of fact, i wrote a little message for them and placed it in my envelope to GTF back to the table and make some real concessions that might happen to change our minds.

    Some of the things they say they changed are increasing the helpers that are hired from the outside, take note this is not for part timers who are hired to work on the inside, this is for drivers helpers, from 8.50 to 9.00 an hour...whew! yea that would turn a yes vote! NOT.

    The company will create "15" fulltime package driver jobs within 6 months of ratification. Wow! lets see, this supplement pertains to the whole western PA, covering 8 locals. New Stanton being the largest hub in the area already has well over 15 "TEMP" drivers that should be FULLTIME!, what about the other 7 locals in the supplement?
    Yes vote? NOT.

    Come on people. dont write a stupid post after mine and tell me, you dont know all the facts, you dont know this, you done know that....

    I do know i voted down this the first time and its going to get shoved right back in their face a second time also! According to the individual votes, Local 30 is the only local that has the balls in the western pa region.
  19. tieguy

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    I love it. He posts his bs on a public forum then you tell blue to stay out of it if he disagrees with any part of the post? You can't come here and post and censor the responses. That is asinine. I've already proven the guy does not even know the issues involved with his supplement. Yet he is on this site trying to tell all his members to vote no again. If anything you should be admonshing badsporh for not knowing the issues.
  20. BrownShark

    BrownShark Banned

    The only thing you have proven is that you have no life.

    You are the self appointed defender of the company. An office hiding desk jockey playing the role of company advocate.

    You want to make a difference and defend the company?? Join the fricken negotiating committee.

    I wish I knew which jurisdiction you are in, as I would love to drop a dime on you and have your computer siezed as I did here in WLA and eventually have you fired for misusing the company computer.

    The manager who would watch baseball games on his company computer found out the hard way as I hope you do.
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