Western Conference and 177 Health Care Plan

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by HubBub, May 14, 2014.

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    The name might not be as snazzy as "Teamcare", but as far as I can tell the coverage will be pretty much identical to the enhanced C6 Teamcare plan. If the coverage is the same, would it be better to be in Teamcare with more participants? Or do the west and 177 have a higher contribution rate to H&W making the plan more secure and less likely to need diversions from pension or wages?

    Anyone have more details or opinions on the matter?
  2. jaker

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    No one knows the future and the coverage is not the same as teamcare it's the same as the ups plan before this happen

    The teamcare was improved to the new one now which in the west we have been having
  3. I'll welcome you to teamcare next contract with open arms if yiu need to get in that plan.
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    Any word on mental health coverage?
  5. LagunaBrown

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    Teamcare is not better you have to look at retirees and Peer 80

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