Western Supplement?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Rack em, Jul 18, 2018.

  1. Rack em

    Rack em First to worst!

    Does anyone know if the western supplement is done yet? If so, is there a copy online anywhere to read it?
  2. no_map_needed

    no_map_needed Knowledge is key, Experience is power.

    They should be wrapping up and finishing by Friday.
  3. 1989

    1989 Well-Known Member

    What are you looking for?
  4. Blackstream

    Blackstream Active Member

    Not OP, but I'm guessing the whole supplement. For me I want to know if the supplement addresses any of the major complaints about this contract. GWI, starting wage for new hires, 22.4s (I assume this can't really be addressed in supplements), 9.5 language, etc.
  5. BlackCat

    BlackCat Active Member

    This whole contract blackout is quite unsettling. Here we are two weeks out until the contract expires and we still have locals who have yet to produce a contract for their members.

    It should be quite interesting trying to get all the ballots mailed out and then returned by the deadline.

    Remember, a non-vote is a yes vote.
  6. zubenelgenubi

    zubenelgenubi Well-Known Member

    Contract's been extended already. Got a month or two.
  7. BlackCat

    BlackCat Active Member

    I did not see that.. Thank you for the info.
  8. BlackCat

    BlackCat Active Member

    Was it last contract or the year before where allegations swirled about boxes of ballots still sitting at USPS?

    Different contract, same tactic.
  9. RealPerson

    RealPerson Active Member

    Where does it say a Non Vote is a Yes Vote????
  10. RealPerson

    RealPerson Active Member

    I think it is all electronic now... IDK for sure.
  11. zubenelgenubi

    zubenelgenubi Well-Known Member

    I had heard that as well. Think my Rep told me the contract vote would be done the same way as the strike authorization vote.
  12. PT Car Washer

    PT Car Washer Well-Known Member

    Then this contract is sure to pass as written.
  13. 542thruNthru

    542thruNthru Well-Known Member

    Was told today they just finished the western I believe yesterday or the day before. Now they have the local supps and riders.
  14. Rack em

    Rack em First to worst!

    Good to hear, I want to read these ASAP!
  15. MenInBrown

    MenInBrown Well-Known Member

    I think they are voting online this contract.
  16. badpal

    badpal Active Member

    I hope not, tried to vote on the strike authorization never did get it to take. If they can afford to send out literature every week , they can afford a paper ballot.
  17. Bubblehead

    Bubblehead My Senior Picture

    If I vote Yes, when can I get my back paycheck?
  18. just chillin'

    just chillin' Rest in peace wooba

    stop that or prove it. that is just bad information man
  19. BlackCat

    BlackCat Active Member

    How can you call it bad information when you do not know the answer yourself?
  20. just chillin'

    just chillin' Rest in peace wooba

    common sense tells me. while i do not have the numbers in front of me, my memory says voter turnout has always been notoriously low in all my contracts and we have turned down some in the past. if your logic of a non vote equaling a yes vote was actual, i don't think there would be a contract in the history of mankind that would not have passed on non votes alone. anyways... there's also this from bubbleheads thread

    Article 12 - Section 2(d) reads:

    "Results of ratification or rejection
    votes with respect to master agreements shall be determined
    by all involved voting members on a cumulative
    basis of all votes cast as follows:

    (1) If at least one half of the members eligible to vote
    cast valid ballots then a cumulative majority of
    those voting in favor of the final offer shall result
    in acceptance of such offer; and a cumulative majority
    of those voting against acceptance of the final
    offer shall authorize a strike without any additional
    vote being necessary for such strike
    authorization. A tie vote shall be resolved as provided
    in Section 1(b)(l) of this Article.

    (2) If less than half of the eligible members cast valid
    ballots, then a two-thirds (2/3) vote of those voting
    shall be required to reject such final offer and to
    authorize a strike. The failure of such membership
    to reject the final offer and to authorize a strike as
    herein provided shall require the negotiating committee
    to accept such final offer or such additional
    provisions as can be negotiated by it."