what a ride



I Retired In Nov06 From Feeders After 36 Yrs,at My Retirement Party In April06 I Received Many Gifts,however I Was Told I Was No Longer Welcome Back For Future Retirement Parties.the Next Day I Returned All My Gifts And Told The Division Manager To Stick Them In His Crack.i Am So Glad I Am No Longer Employed By Five And Dime Management.thank You Dave


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November of 2006 hasn't got here yet. How could you have retired in November 2006?

You had a retirement party in April 2006......6 months before you actually left?

Other than what management supposedly said to you, I'm having trouble this.


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where did you retire from? (what hub) i still have my idea card so i can still get into the building if i want to. i know we use to be able to go back to see the other guys off. only trouble is no one tells you when they are leaving. we get together once a month for breakfast at a local denny's that is how we keep in touch with each other. may be something you can start in yur area. just an idea


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I dont see how they could do that. I have been back to my building several times on several different issues. Of course that is much easier in our building as we do not have any security issues to go through.



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The gifts were probably given by collecting from the drivers, not the manager. The company spent over a thousand bucks on my send off, all of it on pitchers of beer and appetizers for about 25 people. It was just like the good old days at UPS. There was even a drunken altercation between a couple drivers late in the evening. Ah, the good times are just about gone forever in this politically correct world.