What all is involved in your 30 day qualification?

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    Hey, first post here. I have been with UPS 5 years now, im Part Time. Long story short, I had a bid for a FT package car job back in late 07. Long story short, I was Disqualified.

    So... assuming the current economy doesn't get... a lot worst... im going to sign the first driving bids they put up. I am very high on the PT seniority list. I should get it. But, after last time... I knew how the supervisors are... but they showed me a whole new level of UPS... and this time, I want to be as informed as possible. What exactly are their rules for your 30 day qualification?

    As far as I know... its not hitting any thing... no late airs... and service in general (which isn't layed out in the contract...)

    I busted my butt for em last time... and all I got was its not good enough. (long story short) So this time around,, I want to know all I can.

    So, actually I need to get ready to head into the hub and get my 3.5 hours, cause it isn't even a 4 hour job any more... :dissapointed:
  2. backinbrown

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    did they tell you what you did wrong last time
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    Its a long story, lol. I feel a bit paranoid about talking about it on a UPS itnernet forum in detail. :knockedout: But, i will say, the last day I drove, they told me my airs were late, and service in general. (when i first started i had a few late airs,,, and was late coming in, yes. but the week before this, I drove by myself, with some supervisors checking on me from time to time, all week long Every thing was on time, and I was in before 9.5. Except monday... I had a break down. Spent an hour of my lunch in the building with them working on the truck, then they had to switch out trucks, put me 2 hours (well, 1 cuase I used my lunch) behind. So i was starting to get the hang of the job. ) They also threw in my face that I called in sick one day durng my 30 days. Which :censored2: me off. I have been there 5 years. I was SICK. Even though the day I was sick, they only had me on the road like 3 days out of 5 average each week for the first few.

    I don't know how much that helped... but, need to get to work now, lol. Liek I said, thas not the whole sotry, its a long one, but thats the jist of it.
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    I had late airs during my 30 days... But they came on late airplanes. I know at least 2 drivers who had avoidable accidents in their 30 days but made it...

    What exactly were you cut for ? Ask your supervisor what they expect. They will know more than us.

    I was put on a route. Had a couple initial rides with a sup then was alone for a long time. I told them i was over 30 days when i got to that point.
  5. brownrodster

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    Lol. Get used to that. They cannot afford to have sick drivers. They will always guilt you into working. Unless you are extremely sick then it's a good idea to work through it.
  6. backinbrown

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    I think jmho if they needed drivers they may have looked other way

    if they are up drivers they may call you on your mistakes

    i have seen quite a few fail it's not for everybody

    good luck
  7. drewed

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    I always imagined the 30 days as like a probationary period, you do anything wrong you dont nessarily need to be doing it best behavior best attendance sort of thing, youre 5 years dont count for jack beyond getting you the opportunity IMO
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    You can't call in sick during the first 30 days and this is why they failed you!

    I'm joking. Do you really think that was the reason? Why would UPS waste its money to send you to school and train you for a month to fire you because you missed 1 day? I can tell you that they wouldn't.

    I'm going to be frank here with my answer, but you asked the question. You mentioned late airs and service problems. Our job is to make service on packages. If you can't make service on the packages assigned to you why would UPS keep you?

    I don't want to mean and I'm sorry to be harsh, but the job is very simple. Deliver you airs by 1030, your savers by 1500, and your businesses by 1700. Then do your residentials. If you don't get it by week 3, you will never get it in my opinion.

    Its difficult at first and your mistakes should be forgiven in the 1st or 2nd week, but if your doing it in week four I think you're done.
  9. pudg00

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    Don't know about anyone else's center but ours really stresses the 5 and 10 during qualification. It also helps if you have a sup. who cares if you qualify. It is not for everyone as stated by others.
  10. backinbrown

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    You big fat meany

    Just kidding i wanted to say that but felt bad for him

    but you are 100% correct
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    Hound said it best.

    All we have to offer is service. You need to make service on the package. Deliver air&ground together, but if you don't have enough time to do that, then switch to air only and start coming back. You have to plan out your day to be productive, and every day is different. Get out of the building, get the packages delivered, do your pickups on time, and head back in.

    Every route is different so if you start putting out production numbers about how many stops per hour and such, no one can really help identify what the problem was. I don't think the center dismissed you b/c you missed one day, as they invested time for you to take the driver school and 3 days of a supervisor's time to train/ojs you as well as follow-up.

    You sound like you have a good attitude about wanting the position, so I would ask about how you could have done better and how else you could have improved. If that ship has sailed, be sure to follow-up everyday with the supervisors to find out how you are doing.
  12. browniehound

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    I need to add a statement. SPORH should be the least of your worry. That will come in time as a new-hire. I think the new driver needs to prove he can deliver his NDAs. NDA Savers, and then his businesses before he proves his SPORH.
  13. InTheRed

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    Not so much SPORH but over/under. A new guy can't be 3 hours over everyday. At first maybe a day or two at 3 hours or around that area and then start coming down where in two weeks be a 1-2 hour over. New hire needs to show improvement, but also needs to make service b/c ultimately that is what the job is about.
  14. SlowRide80k

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    Probies Shouldn't even have the full route to begin with. At least they don't in my building. We'll usually have an air driver helping with air to let the guy get his feet wet. As the guy shows the ability to handle it they slowly add on to him. Did you say they weren't working you every day of the week during ur 30 days? I thought you had to have 30 consecutive days? And if you went past 30 without a ride you were in anyways. Our only things were, you had to scratch the route on ur senoriorty ride and show a lunch. Of course no accidents on your 30 but thats to be expected. I went on my ride with the center manager. He looked at me before we left the lot and said.
    "As far as we're concerned you've already made it. I'm here today to do whatever it takes to make sure you do make it. So I will help you carrying packages or whatever else you need." I looked at him, laughed, and said thanks but I've been doing this for 6 weeks and haven't had a problem. Just sit back, relax and we'll be just fine.
  15. sortaisle

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    Well, for starters, I don't think it's 30 days anymore, if I'm not mistaken it's 45 days now, so your first 30 is just the beginning. I could be wrong though. I'll check my contract when I'm fully awake and cognizant of what's actually going on. It could just be a Western Supplement thing.
  16. fallvitals

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    No I don't think that one day I was sick, did me in.. but they really threw it in my face that you can't do that during your 30 days. Though, as I mentioned, during this portion of my 'driving career' I was calling in every morning to see if they needed me. And they only needed me 3 out of 5 days a week for the first few weeks. Plus I showed up one morning, didn't call, and was sent home cause they didn't need me, and felt soo bad about not calling me... rightttt. :knockedout:

    I had about 24 days in when it was done. Heres my 'excuse' like I said, long story, I dont want to really post all of it publically. But, I started out running a route (lets call it route A). Was with a supervisor for a few days, I was riding along learning. Driving some, with the sup. Then after about 4 or 5 days on that route. They decided to put me on a different route. So we started this process of training me on this route again. Lets call this route B.

    Also during this time, I was going out with supervisors as a ride along, so they could work, and I get paid=no grievances. And when this happened, it was never the same route. Actually my very first day... I was called at about 1pm and rode with a supervisor delivering all kinds of packages all around the city. It wasn't a single route, it was a bunch of.. what do I wanna call it,, bulk packages that missed their intended trucks, I guess.

    Any ways,,, Id say of the 24 days I had in... atleast 9 were spent riding along with supervisors. 4 on route A. so that leaves 11 days on route B. Id say about 4 with a supervisor training.

    Again, I dont want to post the whole story, but that last day I was so :censored2: off with the whole situation I was glad to hear it was done.

    But I can do it, I know exactly what to expect this time, what to do, what not to do, I just found this forum by chance and decided to find out what else I should know before I get back into it. Hell, I got $30 worth of UPS socks I need to use :funny: (those are some over priced socks.... and cheap quality.)

    They told me they would start me off "light" with about only a 80% truck. Righttt. You couldn't walk through the truck the first, and "lightest" day. And on route A, I had to tow a trailer (P90?) too! lol. That was interesting for a first route. Im not sure how packed your package cars are in your areas. But my car was 100% full, stacked to the ceiling, lol. Only a few rare mornings could I look through all the boxes and see the rear door. I also didn't understand how they expected me to do Route B in 9.5 when the Supervisor was training me on it (He drove, it was more like Christmas help) We were getting in about 2 hours over... And if any thing it seems to me like it would have taken longer if he was alone running it..

    I don't recall SPORH? Whats that mean?

    Anyways... like I mentioned, I think im wiser now, and just wanted to try to know as much as possible this time around. The part that really screwed me up was finding the damned packages.

    One morning I couldn't find an air package before I left the hub. The loader couldn't find it. I BY CHANCE saw some red stick out out from under a package in the 8000 SECTION. That would have been by ass if I hadn't found it. One morning I had a late air.... had 5 air for one stop. 3 were in the 1000 section. Another on the floor below it. And the 5th, which was 2 minutes late because I couldn't locate it (I found it after I delivered those 4) was in the rear of the truck :angry:

    But I saw my driving boss in the hub a few months back... He asked when I was coming back to driving. That can't be a bad sign.?

    But finding packages are a pain... that is what cost me a lot of time. ANYWAYS... I ramble a lot too.. obviously. Thanks for all the info guys.
  17. couch potato

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    Back when I first qualified my FT supervisor told me I had to bonus 5 days in a row. Not sure if that was true or not but I did bonus pretty much every day from week 2 onward.
  18. trplnkl

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    The problem with qualifying or not is that the criteria is ambiguous to the situation. It all depends on if management wants you to make it or not. Some people slide in without every running scratch and others are held to a set amount of days under allowed.
    If you try again, just do the best you can and keep a good attitude. Good Luck.
  19. Kraetos

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    Best thing to do is stay on pre-load and only work 4 hours a day like I do. The rest of the time can be spent tidying up your card board box and messing around on your laptop outside your UPS warehouse. *Hint: It's best to be in a warm climate if you consider this option.
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  20. barnyard

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    Or they did not need you any longer. I suspect it was service issues, though....

    In our region, if you wash out, you have to wait a year before you can sign another FT bid.

    Did they fill the bid that you signed????