What an experience so far

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    in the hiring process for seasonal delivery driver live in Maryland seems there is a lot of FYI. Little at a time
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    hope you are packing a good lunch and beverage for your work day
  3. Good luck
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    A little confused. I did apply 4 weeks ago in Maryland the Hr Manager said call me no later than tomorrow to let me know if you want to proceed I called him 3 weeks later I walked into the same building he said come back tomorrow lucky Tuesday so did a lot of paperwork went home did the I 9 stuff next day do the DOT exam. That’s done have DIad long on can’t get in the building lots of people
    So waiting on the background check have stuff non Violent from 1995 a little concern but can’t change the past only live forward
    And I still have not done driving skills yet in
    Should I be Concerned