What are we doing in New Orleans?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by soberups, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. soberups

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    I'm curious if we have any Brown Cafe members from the New Orleans area. Are you even going in to work on Tuesday? What announcements has UPS made about deliveries in the Gulf Coast areas affected by Gustav?
  2. Nitelite

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    I heard they were adding a flotation device to the side of the package cars and providing waterproof leggings, though the waterproof part is suspect as they are made in China.
  3. cino321

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    Better stock up on driver release bags!
  4. terrymac

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    can anyone post this or provide the link??? Im stupid Its on youtube.com Heart of the night , by poco the song is 5:07 thanks a kind of feel of the town... It may never be as it was.
  5. terrymac

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    In mississippi, feeder loads are not going to new orleans, or any where south , say of hattiesburg ms or alexandria la.
  6. Channahon

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    From UPS.com as 8:14 EST

    Hurricane Gustav

    [​IMG]Service Update
    UPS is preparing for Hurricane Gustav, which is currently projected to make landfall in the Gulf Coast. Once the storm arrives, it may affect pickup, delivery, and On-Call Pickup Service, as well as the scheduled hours at UPS Customer Centers.

    UPS will continue to monitor the storm and provide updates if necessary.
  7. dackremo

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    any blue belt people from Nawlins besides me in Atlanta:smart:
  8. theUPSman

    theUPSman New Member

    I haven't heard anything from my sup's yet. There's no telling what's gonna happen until some point tomorrow!
  9. paidslave

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    Hey, if you want to work in a Hurricane than more power to you!

  10. toonertoo

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    For Terrymac

    Nice video.
  11. moreluck

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    Tooner.....when I clicked to play that video, it said it was no longer available.....but when I went to you tube and entered that title, it's available....just in case someone else has that trouble too.
  12. Cobra Agent

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    Well everything is day to day as far as us going back to work in New Orleans. Friday every diriver had to bring his package car to a near by town in case NO flooded again. During Katrina all package cars were flooded. So as of now there are no package cars in NO. We were told we would be contacted by our sups and look at ups/upsers.com for updates. It is kinda crazy emotions going through this crap again.
  13. toonertoo

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    I dunno moreluck, I tried to post it for terrymac.
  14. 705red

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    At this point lets ride it out and keep our fingers crossed for everyone involved in these towns that lay in gustavs path.

    The work will be there when its all over lets hope so will all the people, im watching msnbc right now and it looks like its not as bad as they thought, however they have a new hurricane building out in the bahamas.
  15. speeddemon

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    We are using Glad trash bags and D.R.ing everything on the roof tops.
  16. Monkey Butt

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    Service Update

    Hurricane Gustav

    UPS service in areas of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas has been affected by Hurricane Gustav. Much of the Gulf Coast area was under mandatory evacuation orders during the storm, and residents and UPS employees are just beginning to return. UPS pickup and delivery services may be delayed in these areas, and some UPS Customer Center hours may be affected.

    Every effort is being made to resume normal service as soon as possible, but the safety of residents and UPS employees within these areas is our primary concern. If you plan to send a shipment, UPS recommends contacting your recipient to make sure they are available to accept the package.

    Further updates will be provided on ups.com.

    Track your shipments

    There will be no service today in the following ZIP code ranges:

    70001 - 70195
    70301 - 70471
    70500 - 70598
    70704 - 70898

    39426 - 39470
    39501 - 39595

    SE Texas
    77611 - 77726

    UPS Freight LTL
    All UPS Freight Service Centers are open except for the New Orleans and Baton Rouge, Louisiana facilities. Some delays may be expected along the Gulf Coast as police and emergency crews clear roads. For information regarding specific LTL freight shipments, customers may call their local service center or Customer Service at 1-800-333-7400.
  17. diesel96

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    I think we have more service disruptions on the way....batton down the hatches
  18. dackremo

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    i dont have my sups number ,so im still in the ATL
  19. Cobra Agent

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    The family and I still have not returned to New Orleans because we have no power. Talked to my sup yesterday and only 25 drivers hit the streets. They are hoping for atleast 50 today. I was told that we are approximatly 45 thousand pieces behind. I am guessing that i should make a lot of ot next week.
  20. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Are they talking Saturday deliveries to catch up?