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    For discussion,

    If you are not a UPS management employee please don't post in this discussion. You can go ahead and mock me in another but do me a favor and not this one.

    To: Whatever management level you are.

    Why is it such a part of the UPS Culture for you management people to:

    1. not report injuries?

    2. try to intimidate and harass those management people under you to not report injuries?

    3. try to make the individuals that try to address this issue the problem? (as you will know doubt try to make me for bringing it up for discussion)

    Where is the integrity in this?

  2. blkmamba

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    As a former part-time supervisor I had an employee injured on the job and was going to collect disability. Two days after the injury, my center manager came to me and gave me a paper to sign, stating that I was with the employee during the time of the incident and that the employee did not follow proper saftey precautions resulting in an injury that could have been avoided. I refused to sign the papers as I was not with the employee and knew the employee was a safe worker. Lets just say I was never treated the same after that incident.

    I did bring up other safety issues that were ignored, and was even written up once for shutting off my belt and removing an employee from his pick-off location because of a leaking haz-mat. Was told by the center manager that I should have quickly pulled it off and placed it somewhere safe, rather than shut down the whole operation. I said I was following proper safety protocol and he responded with "don't give me that bs". Oh well, the safety of my employees came before the betterment of the operation and my numbers.
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    So blkmamba is the only (former) management type with the stones to respond? (bump) blkmamba you sound like a PT sup I'd respect.
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    This would probably get a lot more traction in the partners sub forum.
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    That is where it was originally posted.

    That is where I wanted it.

    I don't know why it was moved.

    Maybe someone can shed some light on this.

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    Let there be light!! :devil3:
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    It is not a management topic and was therefore moved.

    I will move it back and see if any management think this thread is a management related concern.
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    While I agree that the topic belongs in the Partner's Forum as it addresses management, the OP (Integrity) is operating under a false premise without any examples that #1 & #2 occur. #3 occurs because you are going into a discussion that #1 & #2 occurs without any examples, let alone supporting documentation or proof that it occurs. Should you have the later, it should be reported immediately via either the 800 number or website to be addressed and properly investigated. There is a zero tolerance policy regarding #2. Management is not given an option regarding #1, it is the employee's responsibility to report an injury.

    Not expecting to be told you are the problem is almost as if You are walking into the Police Headquarters at 1 Police Plaza in New York City and yelling at the top of your lungs that all cops are crooks and do not report thefts of property and abuse of power without any examples and expecting that you will be listened to.
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    Couldn't agree more.
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    you my man are a true leader and i say that with mad respect to you for having integrity.
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    ​Why feed the troll?
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    Stupid is as stupid be.
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    2 part time sups injured this week they did not report it.

    1 part time sup injured a few weeks back he did not report it.

    At another facility I was at while ago a Preload manager injured once he did not report it.

    Before that injury he injured his leg requiring stitches. He did go to the emergency room after work and he said that he hurt himself at home.

    When he was asked why? He said he did not want___________ (his DM) to get mad.

    When dealing with a part-time sup who injured himself on his preload he told the PT sup to go to the doctor and say he did it at home.

    Whose kidding who?

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    Can a supe get workers comp for gettin the chit beat outa him at work? What if he provoked it??? Lol...

    fact is if this company reported any and all injuries.. Could you imagine??? All the aches and pains i have i know is because of the job.. Yet im still working and do not want to go on disability, ever. The truth is, the second you get hurt at work, unless your very well liked, you will then have a target on your back... Sad but very true here at big brown....
  15. Monkey Butt

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    I've seen this "pressure" over the years.
    One has to stand up and do what's right.
    Once you stand up to a center manager or DM and explain you were acting according to UPS procedures and you acted based on doing the right thing, they should gain respect for you.
    Succumbing to their impulsive desire to avert extra work and having a mark on their record will only lead them to bully you more and hold you in contempt.
  16. Insincerity

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    I'm not management but I have thoughts on this.
    Can I reply Integrity?
  17. Integrity

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    You already have.

    You might at well contribute to the topic as opposed trying to distract from it.

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    Is this the battle of the super heroes???........lmao...................Just remember......no kicking .no scratching.and no biting!
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    With your permission, then:

    This reluctance is just human nature to avoid responsibility and to "not get in trouble". I don't think management I have known over the years would try to keep someone from reporting a "significant" injury.

    Some people want to report "injuries" when they scrap their hand and it bleeds. Some people want to report a sore back as an injury when sore muscles are part of performing manual labor. I know the times I have had a sore back, it was because I was not bending my knees and lifting with a straight back. That is why it is important to work using safe work methods and not let a supe badger one into working too fast or taking shortcuts. Safe working ultimately is the responsibility of each individual.
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    Oh c'mon...where's the fun in that? lol I like a good management catfight!!