What can be done about managment not honoring 8 hr. request

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by chevydog66, Sep 23, 2003.

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    What can be done about management not honoring an 8 hr. request? If they give me a 9 1/2hr. day and no help can I file a grievance? My management team doesn't ever say if they honor it or not. How many am I entitled to?
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    From what I understand, you are able to request 2 8 hour requests per month. Turn them in as soon as possible, at least 2 days in advance, make sure they are time-card punched, and make sure they are signed by a supervisor.

    Also, make sure you have a copy.

    You can file a grievance each time, but you will not win unless you are dispatched AND on road over 8 hours.

    It is in your contract. I could be wrong on some of the facts.. but i think thats pretty close.
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    what you might do is ask for one every friday. if they question you as to why are you asking for so many 8hr days. merely state you are going to keep asking every friday until they finally honor it. it might be better to ask on monday, maybe then they will not always be cutting 2 to 3 routes every monday.
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    The correct way is to fill out the request form and hand it to your shop steward.He then signs it and hands it over to the Center Manager.The center mgr will then tell him if he got it or if someone else has the day. Usually the manager can give a couple off even though he might not have to contractually. If the guy has the day given to him( approved by cener team) He does not have to work past the 8 hours and the request MUST be honored.What happens here is the drivers send a message early that they will be heading back to the building at 530 to give UPS a heads up and to try to get the work covered.If they do not help him out, he sheets the rest of the pieces missed and as long as he works past the 8.00 hours, the driver is covered.I know there are going to be alot of comments to this procedure, but I have seen it done and NOTHING ever happens to the driver.EVER.....
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    Eight hour requests happen OFTEN in my center, and the center team has no problems granting them.
    We have to request it in writing the day before.
    Theyre supposed to grant it to up to 10% of the drivers per day, BUT no more than one driver in a loop.
    Chevydog, What do they say to you when you make the request? Do you follow it up in the morning? ("Hey, Sup, What are you taking off me so Ill make 8?)
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    This is the one thing, as a driver, that gives you power over 'the way things are' at UPS. I'm surprised how many of you don't enforce it. I think deep down inside drivers want the overtime. I liked local804's method. It's direct, on paper, and enforceable. I don't know how it's worded in the new contract, but if you really want that 8 hr day, I would get with the steward and have him witness your request to your manager. If it gets to the point that you have to file a greivance, then that's the manager's fault, not yours. He'll try to work it out between the 2 of you so you'll drop the greivance, but you already gave him that chance, if you followed the procedure correctly. Good Luck and post back on how it went.
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    Please everyone, read the damn book!
    Article 37 Section 1(b) It is the policy of the Employer to cooperate with a package car driver who desires to be relieved of overtime, subject to the understanding that such package car driver will complete his/her
    assignment, and subject to the provisions below. Any package car driver who desires to be relieved from overtime on a particular day or days shall submit a request in writing at least twenty-four (24)hours in advance. The Center Manager and the Steward shall process such requests based on seniority. The Employer shall allow a minimum of ten percent (10%) of the package car drivers worked in any center off on a daily basis. No package care driver will be granted more than two (2) requests per month. It is understood that
    to accomplish the above the Employer may need to provide an earlier start time. It is further understood that the Employer is not obligated to let more than one (1) driver in a loop off at one
    time. Such requests shall not be submitted during the months of November and December.
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    Most of the time the preload sup is not even aware of my 8 hour request. So the sup will let the truck get loaded to a 9 or 10 hour day. I then speak with my sup and he just says "Well, keep me posted throughout the day and we will try to send you some help" That's B.S. The past 4 times I've requested and 8 I have only had 1. My sups don't mark the 8 hr. request form as "Granted" or "Denied". In other words they don't even care. I like my job, I just don't enjoy some of the business practices that UPS management does.
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    I have been telling some of these guys to read the book and use it to their advantage for a long time now.I am amazed at how small the cahunas are on some of these people.They just never learn..........[​IMG]
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    If submitted like local804 suggested, there should be no problem with the 8 hour request.

    If your center chooses to load up the car the day of the 8 hour request, and cover the work later, I see no problem as long as they get you off in 8 hours.